“And the LORD answered me and said: write the vision and make it plain upon tables…”

Hey there,
My very first post and article ever written and published in the history of articles is what you currently behold. Welcome to my blog!!! *Yaay * dancing* Ok, so you should know, this was birthed out of the Spirit of God so I won’t take any credit for this and also because I can’t write to save my life. Yes, I’m that terrible! However, apart from God laying this idea on my heart to start, I realize that there many women who are just going through the motions. They need to be moulded by God in every area of their lives. They need both spiritual and mental wholeness and do not necessarily need a man or a job as a clutch. They need inspiration for everyday living, need to know how to act and rightly handle their emotions, need to know how to live a life centered around Yahweh and most especially step up to the ever rising challenge of being a help mate to her beloved and a Proverbs 31 woman and I hope with all my heart that this blof will fulfils these needs in their lives
Moving on, I’ll be writing on issues that happen as a woman transit from single Christian lady up until she becomes a married Christian Mother and beyond. I’ll blog these posts randomly as the Holy Spirit gives me messages to pen down. Fortunately, I’m also undergoing transition and I hope to share what I’ve learnt from the Word of God and from God’s Precious Holy Spirit. I hope not only to inspire you but also to entertain you. We’ll have fun, I promise! So I suggest you bookmark this page right away.
Next post coming real soon! I would keep you posted. By the way, please feel free to drop your comments.
Thank You!


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