Prophecies Reminisced

It was the fifth day in the month of May in 2012. Evidently, it was my birthday. It was like every other day for me but the thought that it was my day made me excited. After all, it was the day I was born some twenty-something years ago (No, No, I aint telling you my age) and yes, the spotlight was on me without any doubt. I, in spite of this, felt rather bizarre because it was the day when I got noticed out of the blues and people I do not know or hardly even say hello to come chanting ‘happy birthday’ from left right and centre. Whatever! Who cared anyway? I didn’t though. I just promised myself I was gonna enjoy it despite the fact I knew painfully well that again, I wasn’t going to receive any gifts. No boyfriend, so in order words… ( you fill in the blank spaces ). My parents didn’t have the culture of buying gifts either so basically nothing was forth coming. On a honest note, I wasn’t bothered. Being alive with God by my side was ample for me. As usual, I received a couple of calls from friends and family and went about the day’s activities. Earlier in the day, I told God that all I wanted was to hear from Him and know a little about my future and I wanted that to happen through divine utterance. At about 4pm, I dragged a friend to grab my cake at cakes and cream. It was the least I could do to celebrate my birthday with my family in school- I mean, my fellowship. I had a meeting that day and on getting back, I was late but at least I had a story to tell. They wouldn’t have forgotten so easily. ‘Hello! Today is my birthday, remember?’ I was ready to reply anyone that dared to challenge me. Anyway, it was a ritual in my fellowship that anyone celebrating his or her birthday was to be prayed for and prophesied upon so I was expectant. Actually, I was looking forward to this day. Afterwards, I was prayed for but just as we started, lo and behold, prophecies came pouring forth, some of which I didn’t even believe when I heard them. A close friend of mine said something about me holding a pen. I knew it had something to do with writing. All I heard made my day though. Honestly, it was enough for me. After I heard all those amazing prophecies, I couldn’t help but rejoice in my spirit. Time after time, God kept sending people to give me messages and re-affirm me of His plans for me. Truth be told, afterwards, I could only remember a few. I made an enormous mistake!

*Stay with me! This is more than a story, I promise*.

Moving swiftly to the same day a year after, it being a Sunday made my day quite exciting too. I went to Church and gave a thanksgiving dance offering to God. Afterwards, it was my same old boring story. No gifts but calls, pings and friends all over me. I was grateful for them all don’t get me wrong. On the other hand, I wished I had the opportunity to be prophesied over again mostly because, in my undergraduate days, I never made a conscious effort to pen down all the numerous prophecies I had gotten.

Some days ago, on my bed, I felt a little cast down in my spirit. A blanket of doubt and fear that the future was bleak and that it held nothing for me covered me. Then again, I remembered some of His words that had been spoken over my life and the ones that have materialised and then I thought to myself ‘if only I had written them down I would remind myself of His thoughts towards me’. Shortly after, Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians came strolling into my head and it hit me hard- I had despised prophecies so to speak. It finally settled that I had taken these words for granted. Over and over again, my pastor kept telling us to put down every prophecy spoken concerning us. Now I realize why. In days of darkness, when it feels like life has nothing to offer, the words He has spoken is designed to give you hope. Aside this, prophecy, I can say is some sort of road map. It’s almost like headlamps while driving in the middle of a seeming dark night. It gives you a peek into the wonderful future God has in store for you. It gives you something to run with. It gives you something to lean on and hold on to. It gives you something to be happy and cheerful about. It reminds you that God has it covered. It affirms you of your future and what God has planned. It gives you strength to continue your journey. The prophecies I remember are a source of joy to me. So, I’d love to encourage you to write every minute detail of those words spoken to you by God through man. Do not look over them. Read them to yourself morning, night and noon. When the nights seem to close in on you, put them before your eyes. Do not only read them but believe them for God sent them for that purpose. Most of all, run with them because with those words and its initiator, you will get to your expected end safely.

The Lady with the smiley 😀


4 thoughts on “Prophecies Reminisced

  1. Quite insightful. I’m also guilty of this, I never write down prophecies. The faintest pen they say is sharper than the sharpest brain. As for your birthday, I’ve been there too, and I can relate. I’ll just say buy yourself the gifts you want and just decide to be happy. Happiness is a choice!
    More grace!!

  2. All the prophecies I lost in my last laptop hurt so bad
    I would just love to get them all, a lot of them have come to pass and I want to read what is left there so that I can look forward to it
    Just like…
    I love your posts though, keep on doing what you do.

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