Born anew by the cross

A beautiful piece written not by me but by a son of the Most High, an inspiration and a dear friend. Please enjoy!!!

Everything I have is a result of the cross. On that hill far away, distant both in space and time Elyon’s son died a most brutal death. His blood was shed even before the foundations of the world were laid. God saw me and knew that He had to make a plan for my redemption. This is the beauty of the cross. At his weakest point Christ was stronger than all. He bore the shame, embraced the sickness, and swallowed up death in victory.
I look within and see an endless chasm of chaos. I find myself at odds with the identity I am supposed to have. The word says I am more than conqueror but I find myself at the receiving end of defeats day in and day out. The word says I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus yet I stink of iniquity. It is as though the devil has me bound in his cage and I cannot help but whimper and cry.
But now I know that we know no man according to the flesh. I was birthed in heaven above the stars, far beyond the reaches of principalities and power. And though my outward man may fade and crumble I know that the fabric of my spirit is the righteousness of the Son of Elyon. I understand that I am Adonai’s beloved. I am blessed beyond borders, greatly enriched with the overflow of grace and mercy.
So I surrender my thoughts to Christ. I give my all to Him. Even my doubts, my weaknesses, my everything I give to him. Because everything I have is a result of the cross. I rejoice in my weakness, for it is at this point that His grace shines strongest. I rejoice because as the blood ran down the cross, as the son yielded his spirit, I was born anew.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I choose to believe this, I choose to embrace this. I choose this as my reality. I am the New Creation. This is my language, this is my profession, and this is my confession.

As told by Jos3ph


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