Charged to win!

I was dressing up early yesterday morning and suddenly, a song my mama always sings popped into my head. I believe it was a message from the Holy Ghost. A charge to go out!!! Here goes. πŸ˜€

Many are waiting in darkness and sin
Waiting the story of Jesus to hear
Many are dying in sin and in woe
Jesus said tell them, but who then will go?
Who then will go? Who then will go?
Millions are dying today!
Who then will go? Oh, who then will go?
Hasten! We cannot delay!

God’s plan now depends upon you!
God’s plan now depends upon you!!
There’s no other way that the lost ones will know.
God’s plan now depends upon you!!!

For the most part, evangelism has been pushed to the background by a lot of Christians. I mean both personal and corporate. I’m totally guilty of this too. Evidently, I heard on Sid Roth’s show that, it had been predicted that only 4% of Christians in the next generation will be evangelical Christians. Shocking statistic right? I must admit, growing up in the faith, there were times that I was scared to talk to almost anyone about Jesus. It aint easy, I must say. However, I did open my mouth. You see, worst case scenario, you would be snubbed, rudely spoken to, laughed at or insulted. Jesus went through so much more. In fact, in the Bible’s exact words, “…they laughed Him to scorn”. It wasn’t once or twice. It was done on several occasions. When I read this, I asked myself- why then wouldn’t I tell someone about His sacrificial love? I must. I just must!!

Angels can’t preach this good news. It is only fair for the heirs of salvation; the people who received the benefits of this love to preach and spread that message. I must tell you now, GOD’S PLAN NOW DEPENDS UPON YOU!!! You touch His heart by bringing people to Him. How beautiful are the feet of they that share the good news. For this cause, the entirety of your life is made beautiful. We must be available! We must say, ‘Here am I; Send me’ like Isaiah and then, go forth because God keeps asking “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Today, go out and preach the good news to all creation. There is a crown of life that awaits you. Hasten! We cannot delay!!

The Lady with the smiley πŸ˜€
Remain Blessed.


7 thoughts on “Charged to win!

  1. Very true. Love the fact that you spoke about the possibility of not so pleasant outcomes, because that’s what usually keeps most people away. I pray for boldness upon all who read this in Jesus name. Boldness to share the gospel of salvation

  2. Wow… IFE! This message is so on point. Pastor Chris has been majoring on soul winning and evangelism for the past couple of months. Several Pastors as well have been saying it. Jesus is coming soon. And the bible says the gospel wil be preached to the the ends of the earth, and then the end wil come. Wow. Thank you, thank yoi for listening to the voice of the HolyGhost. God bless you!

  3. We can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth. This is the heart of God, the very core. We care more about our image and reputation in this generation, while the deep things of God and His concerns should be our priority. No one is guiltless of this.. the best of us only practice church, leaving the sinners at the mercy of themselves.
    Thanks for this friend.. And may God strengthen us as we yeild to His call.

  4. Very well said ma’am.
    I need to add though that its important we live the message. Some people dont need words, they need to see that we live what we preach. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings.

  5. Thanks so much for this peice. I believe that one false ideology that seems to fight our desire to be evangelical christians is the thought that our life alone should preach. That is but an excuse that keeps the devil smiling. Yes, our lives will confirm the sincerity of the word but we have to tell it. Jesus is coming back and there are too many closet believers acting like He isn’t coming back. Why else would we have family, friends and colleagues that are unsaved and not tell them about the gospel of the kingdom. Thanks for this charge! May the Lord give us utterance and back us up with power.

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