Moments of solitude

Have you ever felt like your life was on a race track, It was moving too fast before your eyes and you just couldn’t keep up? Or you were so overwhelmed with all the day’s activities, you felt life was breaking you and you were at the edge of snapping into pieces? Or maybe you’ve even felt so exhausted in your mind that you just wanted to vanish into thin air. Or Probably you’ve felt like a sea of negative emotions were dragging you deeper and deeper into its unrepentant waves? Yeah, some may say these are extreme cases but as you know we all experience tiredness not only in our bodies but in our souls so whatever the case, we are left undone. Trust me, I totally get you. There just happens to be those days in our lives and you wish for wellness again. It’s days like that we just need a getaway. A getaway unlike the usual. Let me explain further.

Now, you know that in times like that we need to go back to God and find rest and healing but I personally believe that such moments as above are reserved for us to remain still in the presence of God. How do I mean? I mean that we should come to Yahweh’s presence not to pray and certainly not to sing or worship but just to remain still with arms open wide in surrender, not uttering words but with all our focus on Him basking in His healing anointing. Don’t get me wrong, we should pray and praise and worship on a regular but also like the preacher said, there is a time to every purpose and thing under heaven. We should just forget all those overwhelming emotions and situations and allow the Holy Spirit move over us just as He did in Genesis 1:2. He spoke over the waters and they came alive! I dare say that when He’s spoke over the earth, there was restoration. Hallelujah! We should therefore be attentive to His voice as we remain still, quiet and calm in our whole being and allow Him speak life and healing and restoration! This is something I learnt that the sweet Holy spirit taught me to do.

Remember the words of the Psalmist (king David) in Psalm 23? Let’s revisit some certain verses.
“He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters: He restores my soul.” Vs 2 &3a
First, God made him lie down comfortably. He then led him to a place of stillness and Bam! He sends in restoration!!! He restored his soul (his mind and his emotions). God is indeed good! He understands that moments will arise when we need His restoring power for our souls. How amazing!!! I just love the Lord. He fulfils our every need ranging from love to restoration. Of a truth, He indeed is an amazing God! So sweetheart, when it feels like life is suffocating every bit of your nerve, I suggest you go into God’s presence and just bask in it; in stillness and quietness and calmness. I’d finish up with some lines from one of my favourite Hillsong song – Still.
“Find rest my soul in Christ alone. Know His power in quietness and trust”.

Stay restored and whole.
The lady with the smiley


4 thoughts on “Moments of solitude

  1. Rest in His love…find solitude in His embrace. Imagine a loved one sitting right beside you with head leaned over your shoulder….that’s exactly what happens when you rest in God. He’s a father that wants to have the feel of His kids..He wants to meet their needs but they get so wrapped up in ‘occasions’ and happenings. So, rest in God’s love and watch Him do some amazing things you never asked for!
    Thanks…lady with the Smileys! That song is so one of my favorites. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks VirtuousSpirit, first, that is such an amazing moniker. What a beauty to behold a virtuous spirit, it speaks far beyond the body and even the smiley.

    Thanks for this peice, waiting on God is such a beautiful thing and God is calling us away from our busyness to just rest in Him. Now, I want to rest in Him and seek to meet His needs and He wants to fellowship with me. So far above my suffocating needs, I just want to be where He is because I love Him and i can stay ‘stilll’ before Him, just basking in the glory that his love brings. Truth is that it’s in Him I find my life and it’s to Him I belong. So resting in God, i intend to do, shifting away from the hurried tone that the world has set. thanks again for this peice.Bless your heart.

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