This poem is a little long but I just couldn’t stop writing as I picked my pen. I hope it ministers to you the way it does to me.

He keeps beckoning
Night and day
To the sons of men
As of the voice of many waters
Echoing, “Come up higher
Let’s fellowship on high
Let me set you on a rock that’s higher than
Come empty handed
Come without a dime
I’ve shed my blood
Redemption’s exuberant price has been paid
Oh men, young and old
Can ye not see?
Power avails in abundance
To make you strong
Power never ceases to cleanse”

He is ready
Armed with strength to the teeth
To raise them
As Pillars, As corner stones
As jewels, glowing
Ever showcasing His splendour and majesty
As spectacles to the world

He craves to exhibit their worth
To put them on full display to the world
As heavenly generals
Fighting tirelessly and conquering
Submerged in the excellence of His strength
As people of great importance
Far worthy than all the earth’s royalty and beauty fused together
Far Priced above precious stones and gold
Yea, even all the fine gold of the earth.
As His pride
Clearly inscribed in the palm of His hands
For all in the universe to see

He hopes they hearken to His voice
He hopes they give attention to His cry
He hopes they approach
wasting time no further
Both man and woman alike
Both great and small
He hopes they listen
He hopes they respond
Eager, thirsty
Ready to drink of the water
Which He so freely offers to give

Abba hopes they realise their worthiness
He hopes they stand tall
in the face of their ‘adversary’
And remind him of Love’s free gift
And the already paid bargain for their return
And the blood which so freely flowed
At calvary’s hills
And how He raised them
And so completely won the battle for their souls

He Keeps crying out
Loud as ever could be
‘Here I am. Come unto me’
“I have rest so bountiful
To supply, to freely bestow”
He is undeniably ready
To restore, to refresh, to make whole
So they lack nothing

He hopes they give ear
He hopes they make it on high
And end up warmed with ecstasy
In His heavenly bosom
Where the beautiful fusion occurs
Between man and Eloah
And they bond
life without end.


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