Song of the Lady

Hey guys, 😀

I promised last week that before the week ended, I was going to post something calm, soothing and refreshing but due to some issues, I couldn’t. Anyway, here it is.
This is a piece that just expresses the love a believer has for His saviour. Oh! Hold up…I was just expressing how I felt towards the Lover of my soul. I must confess, I was inspired by Song of Solomon so here’s my own little ‘Song of Solomon’ or should I say ‘Song of the Lady’? I stole a few lines from King solomon’s poem. I hope he doesn’t sue me for copyright though. LOL! Please enjoy!

My lover, How exciting it is to be in love with You. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s new every morning. It is rekindled every hour. It burns like wild fire in me. It is beautiful. Your love to me is sweeter than honey. Yes! It is sweeter than Eclairs, butterscotch, milkose and all the chocolate in the world rolled into one.

I am my beloved’s and He is mine.

When I think of all you’ve done for me, how You think of me, showering Your blessings and love upon me when I least deserve it, how You encourage me and lift me up when I’m down, how each day You come through for me, how You pick me up, spin me around and give me a big hug, how You constantly remind me that I am good enough for You and I do not have to do anything to earn Your love, I cannot help but cry on Your shoulders. I can’t help but strive to be perfect for You and to never hurt You. I can’t help but tell You how much I love You and long to love You even more. I’ll die loving You, I promise.

I am my Lover’s and He is mine.

You did the unthinkable for me. You proved Your love by dying for me. Something no man could do for me. How can I not Lord but love you more? You give me a million and one reasons to hold on to You and I must confess, I love holding on. Your love is life to me. It is life to my soul. Even the days when I think little of myself, you think highly of me. You think so highly of me that You’ve placed me among the princes and the nobles of the earth. O how amazing! I love You a whole lot and I can’t imagine my days without You. I wonder how I managed to live those days when I hadn’t met you.

I am my love’s and my love is mine.

Each and every day, when I journey out, you never fail to go with me, caring and supporting me every inch of the way. Even when I have those bad days, and everything seems to go down hill, you never fail to whisper ‘Dear, calm down. I’ve got your back on this one’. When life seems to frighten all of me, You remind me that You are here and You’ll never let me fall. O, how soothing! How reassuring! How warm and pleasant is Your love for me. The most amazing part is that I had to do nothing to earn it. Could love be more perfect than this? I doubt that. Each time I’m filled with thoughts of You, I sing in my spirit. I sing ‘how sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer’s ear. It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds and drives away his fears.’ Your love is more than life to me. O, how pleasant! You are so soothing to me. You are my breathe of fresh air. You are my lover and I love You.

I am my Love’s and my Love is mine.

So today, I’m letting the world know how much You mean to me. How much I cherish every moment we share. How much love I have for You. How I love You dearly. You are my peace, my rock, my joy, my reason to live one more day. . . In simple english, You are my all. A million ‘I love you’ will not suffice in expressing how much I’m in love with You. Like oil upon Your feet. Like wine for You to drink. Like water from my heart, I will not let one day go by without pouring all my love on You. I love You and I will never stop loving You.

I belong to my lover and I desire Him.

My soul thirsts for You. My flesh longs for You. My spirit searches for You. Who has seen my Love? Who knows where I can find Him? O daughters of Zion! I search for my Lover!! I search for my Friend!!! I search back and forth eternity just to catch a glimpse of Your face. Just to tell You face to face that I love You. Just to behold That face, Those hands, Those feet, That body that so willingly went to the cross to make me His. What can I do for You? How can I express my love for You? Words are not enough. In fact, nothing seems to be enough. I hope to see You some day, hug You, kiss Your head, clean Your feet with my tears and hair and just bask in Your love. I hope to sit on sunny beaches with You, play with the waves with You by my side and just literally enjoy You. O, how I long to see You and be with You. I’ll wait but until then, I’ll just keep pouring my love on You and I will enjoy You with arms open wide in reckless abandon.

No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends -John 15:13

Jesus is my lover! Jesus is my friend!!


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