My Psalm 126

This Psalm is a Psalm that was always recited before offering was taken in my church in my undergraduate days. In case you are wondering what church that is, its the Youth Church of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Incubator, Dideolu Estate, VI, Lagos, Nigeria AKA JoshuaVille. Because of this, I developed love for it. My Bible Study Family #LA187Family who all totally rock by the way, happens also to be studying this Psalm today. So therefore, I decided to write and share my own version. I hope this blesses You. Please enjoy!

When the Lord changed our stories
We thought we were dreaming.
We could hardly believe our eyes.
Then we could finally laugh and sing for joy.

We heard neighbours whispering to each other.
“The Lord has given them testimonies”.
Indeed the Lord has given us something to testify about and we shall not hesitate to tell every one.
Young and Old! Rich and poor!
Abba, Continually give us testimonies and tales of your greatness in our lives.
As for those that grieve in their hearts and haven’t gotten one yet, soon you shall have something to tell your neighbours with joy on your lips.
The man that goes to God sowing tears and asking God to do something precious shall without a shadow of doubt come again to God, this time with thanksgiving on his lips and an evidence of God’s greatness.



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