Recovery Begins…

Alright. Here I am again after my very controversial ‘contemporary lamentations’ that left a lot of questions on many minds . Some voiced out, some stuffed up in the depth of their hearts. I was supposed to be a source of strength to people knowing fully well that God had placed me in that position and there I was depressing people up and down. I’m sure some people think I’m a psycho or one very sad miserable individual. LOL. Maybe, maybe not! But here’s what I know. I’m not superwoman. I admit I’m weak so that God can be strong on my behalf. I admit I have flaws and I hope you can see them so that Jesus can perfect me. I admit I need Him more than ever and I’m glad I do. I’m just a broken vessel that needs constant re-moulding. At least I get a hand to hold all through my journey in life and boy! not just an ordinary hand but a mighty, upholding, strong, yet tender and loving Hand. That knowledge is all you need and the perfect understanding of His grace. Its very important for you to view God from the angle of grace and you’ll understand why you should hold on even in the darkest hours and never let go and trust Him with your life.

Here’s a song my heart sings to the Lord tonight because He healed me once again…

I was lost when you found me here
You drew me close and held me near
I’m a fool but to Your love
I’ll be a fool for the King of Love
You gave me wings so I could fly
And gave me a song to colour the sky
All I have is all from You
All I want is all of You

Your grace, Your grace
I’m nothing without You
Your grace shines on me
Shines on me, shines on me
Your grace shines on me
Its Your grace!

I’m alright. I’m ok. His grace has made me whole. He touched me and made me whole!!! I’ll still be here to encourage you with the Word and to minister peace and life from His throne to your spirit.

I pray for as many as read this that You touch Lord and You give them grace.
I pray for as many as I bring to You, that they never go back into sin and worries.
I pray You hold and secure them in Your firm embrace in Jesus name. Amen!

For all those that called me and checked on me. I appreciate you. God bless you and I love love you!


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