For as many. . .are led aright.

Reading a post on Linda Ikeji’s blog on Kanye, Kim and their baby, I began to wail inside. Definitely these guys don’t know how wrong it is to have a baby outside Wedlock. They totally don’t get what it means to wait for the right time and be in covenant with each other. I’m sure they see it as okay to just have sex and bring out a baby without the covering of marriage. Surely for them to be doing it, it must seem ok to them. What’s worse to me is, the community they are in ain’t seeing anything wrong with this madness! Nobody is talking. Everyone seems to be enjoying the folly of they being celebrities to be adored. There seems to be this calmness and ease within them that everything is okay when it’s totally NOT!! It’s not okay with God and it’s not okay with me. Now, it just seems even more pathetic that they brought their every activity to TV to be viewed day and night by millions of people. These people on the other hand, are being influenced by something I’m not sure they know is wrong.  Consciously or unconsciously, thoughts are being formed; minds are being changed; actions are being carried out that negate God’s ways. I had sat down a couple of times to watch “keeping up with the Kardashians” and I knew somewhere inside that it couldn’t be watched without some part of my perception altered. So like a child that unknowingly sat on boiling water, I flew up immediately and ran out of the parlour for my dear life. I just knew I was keeping up with my flesh! I never want to see something that God abhors as okay. I never want to see sin as pleasant . There is a way that seems right unto a man but those ways are the paths of death. Could they possibly be treading blissfully on those paths? Let me not be the judge of that. On second thought, those paths are not to be walked upon at all. They end up in destruction. But there they are, walking, giving no thought to what they are doing. If only they knew. *sigh* Hold on a second, if this way seems right then why isn’t it right? Isn’t the feeling that everything is going good an indication that everything is okay? If it seems right to me then how on earth do I know if it is destruction that lies ahead? Have you ever pondered on that scripture above (Although paraphrased)? Have you had unending difficulty wrapping your brain around that? Okay, okay! Let’s unravel this here and now! Seeming according to definition means to appear to one’s own senses, mind, observation, judgement etc. Many individuals are on a daily moved, motivated and even assured by their senses and their emotions but what the Bible says here is that God’s Children cannot afford to follow what seems or feels or looks or what they even think to be right. We cannot afford to rely on our emotions to know what is right and wrong. So how do we know for sure that what we are doing or the paths we take are the right paths?

Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth… John 16;13a

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the Sons of God –Romans 8; 14

Apart from the fact that we cannot and are not supposed to depend on our soul for direction, emotions are fickle and ever-changing. We cannot afford the luxury of being led by minds that has not been totally yielded and renewed by God’s Word. We will surely fall into grave error. This is why for every activity you undertake, you have to be in-tune with God’s Spirit, ever walking and yielding in obedience without question or immediate understanding to his commands because in the very end, they produce the fruit of life. New covenant Christians depend on the spirit of God built upon His Word. They are constantly walking and yielding. That way, things that are wrong will not seem right to them because they are in touch with the Holy Ghost. This way, you will be able to discern right from wrong. Jesus promised that He (the Spirit of truth) would teach and guide and most especially, lead us. It is the duty of every believer to have a deep, personal and intimate relationship with God. After all, your salvation is personal yeah? It is your duty to offer yourself to be led. It is your duty to walk closely with God so that you wouldn’t be like a man driving a car on top speed enjoying every bit of the ride, but unknowing to him, about to run off a cliff. I most certainly would not like to be in such shoes and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.
So the conclusion of the matter is…

If we live by the spirit, Let us also walk in the Spirit- Galatians 5; 25.

Please read and share. God bless you!!


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