Blue skies

When I first read this, a beautiful and soothing feeling washed over me. Yeah! You guessed right. I didn’t write this but a dear, anointed, blessed, friend and woman of God did. I love love it! There really is beauty in simplicity. I hope it ministers to you that God wants to warm your heart with love and so much more. Please enjoy!

Dark skies, no moon
Windy mornings, rainy days
Crashing skies, stormy weather
Let Me bring you warmth like leather

You smile at me, my world is shining
I look at You, my heart is racing
No more cold, no more rain
All I feel is our hearts aligning

Let My love bring warmth to your soul
Let My presence bring light to your eyes
Through this cold and lonely night
Let My love be your blue sky

The rain is gone, the sun is here
The skies are blue, spring is here
Through the stormy wind and weather
Let My love be your blue sky

As written by Samuella Olaleye

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