The pilgrim’s tales

As Jack voyaged through the path in the thick tropical forest that got narrower and narrower, he wondered if there was any possibility of him getting to his destination. He however was glad he had found a path worth travelling. In actual fact, he knew he had found the path. Smooth, finely defined and beautiful. He wondered how a path could be this beautiful in the midst of the dense, dark and chaos-filled forest. The other paths he had formerly travelled seemed to head nowhere or rather, headed further and further into nothingness. There was this particular path he travelled for so long a time. It seemed beautiful and smooth like the one he currently walked on. However, If he hadn’t realised half-way that it was the same path his friend, Judos travelled two years ago and didn’t return, he would have been led astray by its beauty and would have been no more. He could literally say that those paths led to destruction. Thank goodness for his compass and map! He definitely had a good sense of direction with those. Having realised all this, he went in search for the authentic path. A path that was safe to travel. A path void of robbers, swindlers and the likes. Alas! He had found the path and it was narrow! It was so difficult to travel but at least, it was safe. Really excited, he tried to convince his friends to travel this new path with him being the voice of reason, but they bluntly refused to give ear. They disagreed stating that their paths were the best things that happened to them after winning the lottery being that there was so much gold to mine. “How does one convince a blind and hungry man that the meal he is about to eat was poisonous and full of mucor?”, He wondered. He couldn’t do much anymore but to hope someday they will oblige to his request. As for him, he has found it and was determined to stay on it. He had to confess that the path was indeed difficult to tread upon and there certainly were days when he just wanted to turn back and go home. But just as the journey seemed exhausting, the hope of meeting Angela, his new bride kept him moving. He called her sunshine because he feels angela is too ancient. Just after they got married, she had to journey ahead of him to a distant land to prepare and secure their new mansion. She would be waiting eagerly for him. He longed and craved to be with her again. Her hair, her eyes, her smile…Argh!!! One more day seemed too much to bear. She was his lover and companion. The bone of his bones and his fleshy desire! He just must be with her. He couldn’t afford to disappoint her. He had given his word.
“No! Not now!” He spoke aloud, shaking his head vigorously. “I must not disappoint her”
As he walked down a hill, weary of travelling, he sat down under a tree to catch his breath. The sun was so hot. It seemed pretty angry today. Suddenly, a bottle of water and a pack of sandwich caught his eye. If he hadn’t sat down, he wouldn’t have noticed them. Leaning towards the parcel, he saw a letter attached to it. He opened it and read it.

I know you’d be very tired, hungry and thirsty so I left this for you. I thought to provided a lot of that just so that you’ll make it home in time and be with me. I hope you notice them all. I miss you a lot. I can’t wait to be in your arms again. Please get home soon before nightfall and be safe.
Love you,

P.S: Don’t forget to read your map and check the compass at intervals.

Looking happily at the items, he kissed them both and offered a prayer of thanks for his beloved sunshine. “What a blessing to have such a woman in my life”, he thought. Her acts of kindness were astonishing and very thoughtful. Gleefully, he opened the pack of sandwich and bottle of water and began to eat. Hours later, he suddenly realised that he had spent a lot of time resting and relaxing.”I should have kept track of time. At least, it was worth it” he muttered. Full of energy, he carried his bag, sprang to his feet and forged ahead . . . .

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