True Beauty

Ever heard the song “Beautiful” by Frank Edward? Love that song! I enjoy listening to it not only because its composer is anointed but also because it speaks volume to my Soul. It tells me that I’m beautiful because the Spirit of God not only lives but dwells in me. As I pondered on the lyrics of this song, I realized that I really am beautiful not because I’m pretty, I’ve got wits, charm or because I’m intelligent and eloquent or even because of how glamorous my wardrobe looks but because Jehovah chose to make me His abode. How Amazing! Hallelujah!!

I was at the mall about three weeks ago, waiting for my turn to place an order. Meanwhile, my eyes wondered to some ladies standing beside me and some others going in and out of the mall. Suddenly, I began to see with the eyes of the Spirit. I perceived some sort of struggle within them. It was like majority of these ladies were unhappy and unsatisfied with who they were physically and otherwise and so, they used makeup, extensions and beautiful clothes to cover all their obvious insecurities. It was like they were trying so hard to look and be beautiful. Without however knowing its secrets, all they could do was try so hard. I, then had to write this to women out there.

For the most part in our lives, many women have at one time suffered, or still suffer from low self-esteem. They struggle with accepting themselves because they do not look like what the world tags perfect; as in they haven’t got the curves of Kim K or the picture perfect face of Beyonce and Alicia Keys. The world constantly bellows “You are not good enough for us.” Worst still, they’ve probably been told or passed up by a number of guys because they are either too fat or too lanky or even termed ‘ugly’. It finally lingers, creating an unhealthy mindset and for some, it even escalates to the point where they abhor the very ones that gave them life- I mean God and their parent. They carry this baggage around and they end up with a complex. I noticed this and that set some thinking in motion in me. I was determined to find the components of beauty in its truest form. It couldn’t only be the physicals. I certainly knew this. I searched and I discovered there is more to just a pretty face. I discovered the true meaning of beauty. True beauty is the virtue within. Like my mama says, it is called “The beauty of character”. It is given by the Spirit of God. It happens when God steps in and makes your life beautiful, the fruits being obvious to every eye. Let’s be frank seriously! All others kinds are really just types and shadows.

For some weird reason, I always had a problem accepting the fact that beauty was just a pretty face. Now I understand why! Bless God for revelation and for affirmation from His word. A beautiful woman is one who is adorned with “the ornament of a meek and gentle Spirit which is in the sight of God great price”- 1 peter 3:4. This beauty is more lasting than the outward appearance. She is coloured and beautified with the fruits of the Spirit. She is a hard worker! She has the law of kindness on her lips! She is capable and virtuous! She is a woman that has a relationship with Yahweh; serving Him in wholeness of heart, in Spirit and in truth! She is wise, humble, a giver, a strengthener and a blessing to her beloved and others! These are the fruits she bears and she is praised for it. She is a “Proverbs 31 woman” and she is certainly hard to find! She sees her outward appearance as a bonus; a plus; a gift; a tool for God’s glory. Nonetheless, she takes care of herself. She is not lazy. She indeed is, the true description of beauty! This knowledge of true beauty begins to make you comfortable with the you you once disliked, because you know understand that you are more that just your hair or your curves and Honey, you instantly begin to glow like the sun!

So, “who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies”- Proverbs 31:10. Now I’d ask, “who can find a pretty face?” You don’t even need to look hard these days but a virtuous woman is so scarce that it’s a real task to find her in this generation. It saddens me to know that true beauty is fast becoming extinct. The world places so more value on the outward and forgets that a woman who fears the LORD is the only true expression of beauty and she will always be more worthy in eternity than the woman with only the physical. It’s high time we believed the truth, isn’t it? I thought so too.

So sweetheart, I come bearing good news today. It’s time to begin to understand and embrace true beauty. Leave your fears behind! Cleave to God and learn how to be truly beautiful because truth be told, you DO NOT have to be perfect physically to be beautiful. Phew!!! Did I hear you say ‘what a relief?’ Yeah! Do not forget that meanwhile, you can smile! Yes indeed, you can be happy. Let your hair down! Enjoy God and all His many amazing, AMAZING promises for you. Your beauty and worth is not determined by how many men woo you because they think you are beautiful or by how much makeup you wear before heading out in the morning for the day but it emanates from the Holy one of Israel and Jehovah is His name who most certainly blesses with true beauty!

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