We cannot deny . . . The Logos

We can’t deny this. We cannot deny that the Word of God works. We have seen it with our own eyes, looked upon it. We have put it to work. It has wrought tremendous results for us.
No! We can deny this!

The Word of Life! The Word that heals! The Word that Comforts! The Word that Strengthens! The Word that relieves! The Word that revives! The Word that makes strong! The Word that makes Bold! The Word that builds! The Word that empowers! The Word that transforms! It has changed us. It has given us Hope. It has given us a new identity. It has given us all things. It brightened our faces. We are no more ashamed. It has increased our lives. It has birthed new life in us. It has brought us joy. It has delivered peace unto us. It has brought us rest. It has brought us eternal life! It has shown us the way to live abundant life.

We believed it. We proclaimed it. We have seen its effect. We have seen full proof of its worth. We have seen its result. We hereby shout it on the rooftops. We have waged a good war with it. We have defeated the enemy with it. The Word of Power! The Word submerged in power!! The Word of His power!!! The Word that comes with power!!! The Powerful Word of life!!!! The Word that has life in itself to raise every dead situation.

Complete and full of Power! We could not but speak it. We could not but tell its story. We cannot but tell its tale. It has changed our lives. It has blessed us. It has upheld us. Against Hope, we have known Hope. We have beheld hope. Why? Because we knew and we believed. Because, ‘His Word said so’.

Light! Life!! Life to the dying. Light to the stumbling. Life to we that found it. Health to all our flesh! We have trusted it. We have tested it. We put all our hopes in it. We put it to work. Yet, it did not fail us. It accomplished its purpose to the letter.

We cannot but inform you today. THE WORD OF GOD WORKS!!!

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life . . . that which we have seen and heard, declare we unto you . . . And these things I write unto you, that your joy may be full. 1 John 1: 1, 3 & 4.

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