Slowly she let go
Slowly she realised great worth in all of this
Life couldn’t possibly treat her badly
He threw punches, blow after blow
But she resolves to keep silent
Like a sheep to the slaughter
Like her master, she held her peace
She knew she’d be better
She knew she’d make it through each day
She knew there was One for her
Better than everyone else that had left
Right now, she couldn’t be bothered
She could care less, free from all the pain
“It is not about them”, He constantly reminded
“It’s about You and I”, He continually reassured
“Just You and I Dear”, He tenderly whispered
A smile kindled around her lips
Her cheeks flushed
Soothing relief, He handed her
She had made it through yet another topsy-turvy day
One more day had been ticked off the list
She could boast, Her head held High
Because she had a Lover
A unique Lover
The true description of love
One that loved still the more
Even with all her misdeeds and flaws
One that has loved her more than any other
One who has loved her like no other
One so Precious! One so Priceless!
There was nothing more to be
Than to be called ‘Hephzibah’
No more was she forsaken
No more was her Life desolate
She has found what millions unending searched for
The lover of her soul was finally home
Home inside her heart

Image credit: Google images.

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