Lessons #1

Hi guys,
Its been gone for a Looonngggg while! I’m sorry. I apologise profusely. Took a long recess. Can’t guarantee I’m back though but necessity was laid upon me to share this I’ve learnt today courtesy, The Holy Ghost.

Going on with yesterday’s activities, I did something that any christian or non-believer would consider as sin but the Holy Spirit reprimanded me although not so severely. He just pointed it out. Thank God for His Spirit that teaches, corrects us and sheds light in areas that we are unchristlike. I must confess these days, I see how distant I am from Christlike Character and it not only bothers me but it drives a wedge through my heart. I want to be like Him and long to be like Him. He has invested so much in me. He has invested His Spirit in me. I know I’m making progress but it bothers me that I’m still growing rather slowly in perfection as Jesus. The World expects so much from me as a Christian and If I don’t deliver, they would conclude that I wasn’t a christian in the first place so it makes me sad when I’m not yet there. Anyway, I know I’ll get there. Slow and steady . . . you know the rest!

Moving on, my family and I in Abia state went for Church visitation and presented a drama to the church. There was this particular lady that acted so well. I had noticed her previously but it had never crossed my mind to actually complement her but today. Today’s drama ministration from her was one of a kind. It was soooo good I just had to rush out to complement her. I must confess, that lady is so good when it comes to acting. However, Praise and worship was also led by Another and Wow! It was a blast. For the first time in weeks, I could sense the presence of God in Church. It was an awesome time. As I complemented her, he stood not far away from her listening to me as I talked. I complemented her so well that he kept gazing at me and then all of a sudden, I just knew I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have complemented her or rather, I should have done it privately. It was very possible that because of my actions towards her, he would begin to feel unappreciated and hence jealous of her being that we are all humans and some way or the other we would feel humanly emotions. If this brother of mine is someone who hasn’t learnt to walk in the Spirit, it’s somewhat possible I have caused my brother in Christ to err by causing him to be jealous of her. I could have stirred up the feeling of,
‘why would she complement her only? Is she the only one that did so well ministering today?’
I know at one time or the other we would possibly feel that way. I wouldn’t have known if the Holy Ghost didn’t bring it to my notice.
You see, we can cause one another to err in so many ways. Paul in 1st Corinthians said that if his eating meat (which is not bad in itself ) will cause his brother, weak in faith, to err, he would rather not do it. I was glad he taught me once again. I can say I’ve learnt a new thing today.
There are many obvious ways we can cause our siblings in Christ to err. The most obvious ones are improper dressing by the ladies. Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about. No wonder Jesus said:

“Whosoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery WITH her already in his heart.” Matthew 5:28

Truth is, there are also subtle ways we can cause our siblings to err. Yeah, I should also add that God taught me another lesson by illustrating the harm that careless words/unkind words about people can do. Saying things about people that are unkind can sow seeds of hatred in the heart of the hearers. Although the truth, time after time, my heart has been poisoned by a good number of individuals because of the unkind words that had been spoken about another and then, I began to nurse unkind feelings towards them. You should not speak evil about your brother. You shouldn’t speak evil about another at all no matter how true it might be.

If I don’t err but cause your brother to err what does that make me? Guilty of sin? *sigh*

My point today is, we should be careful how we speak and what we say. Words are powerful! Let our actions be continually guided by the Holy Ghost and most importantly your heart. Guard your ear and eye gates because the information received by them affect your heart and out of the heart proceed the issues of life!

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