Sons of God
Of the Similitude of men
Spirit beings
Heirs of the most powerful kingdom
One with His Spirit
Yahweh’s most blessed creation

Yet We have sat at His feet
Listening to His every word
we have stilled our being and drank from the inexhaustible fountain of His spirit
Like weaned children, we have quiet our souls
Longing, seeking, waiting, overly expectant

Learning to crawl and yet take giant strides
Learning to take one step after another as His precious Spirit prompts us
Learning to depend on His spirit
Learning to arise and run as His spirit gives strength and speed

We learnt to rebuke the winds
To speak like His Son spoke on earth
To fight like King David’s mighty men of Valour
We have heard His voice, his instructions
We have received Power from on High

We have learnt to love,
To give our most precious gifts to Him who first loved us.
We learn to lay down our lives
Carry our cross and follow Him
We are learning to die daily and live eternally

We have beheld His glory with unveiled faces
Undeniably change has occurred
We have been changed from glory to glory.

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