Becoming ‘that woman’

Truly, from my teenage years, up until now,there is a picture of that woman I wanted to be and I still wanna be. You know that type of woman who is strong, confident and intelligent. She was both beautiful physically and witty. She was the type of woman who would make heads turn and still stare till she was out of sight. She would open her mouth and wow a crowd for she was both a combination of beauty and brains, I mean, she was eloquent! Her oratory skills were like out of the world! I for one, value intelligence way over physical beauty.

She was that woman who would alight her car with a chic body and beautiful clothes to complement it. She isn’t afraid of chasing her dreams and ain’t intimidated by no-one. If you watched the ‘devil wears prada’, and you observed Anne Hathaway’s boss, Meryl Streep’s character, you will understand what I’m talking about. She was so smooth and eloquent. She played with words so well and her sarcasm drove me to complete admiration. Almost immediately, I proposed in my heart to walk towards being that type of woman.

Over time, my perception of life, of things around me changed. I met Christ and my ideas changed…

I still want to be that woman but that woman with so much more. There’s something about the woman who is confident not because she can do it (although she can) but because she reflects her father’s glory. She is a daddy’s girl. She is confident in Him who loves her. She would work hard at everything her hand finds to do. His grace covers her and she finds shelter in the very thoughts that she is loved completely! She was a woman of sound character. She was not only eloquent but in her eloquence was embedded wisdom and kindness. She was sensitive and considerate to others. She is a complete package in and out! She was a blessing to herself and hers.

Nonetheless, She had dreams and ambitions, doing all the things she loves to do yet serving God. She would write, paint or even fill the air with music while living her dreams. She’d learn French or German or Italian or even how to play the violin. She would go for that particular thing she thinks she cannot do. She definitely wasn’t afraid to dream and act on it.

She will wake in the morning, enjoy her time with God, step outta the door to work looking fabulous inside and out. She will come back home in the early hours of the evening, prepare dinner and scribble a poem for hubby (Something I sure hope to do in the near future). *big grin* She will enjoy every moment of her life, putting its pieces together one day at a time. She helps build the lives of others while building hers. This is my ‘That woman’.


We don’t all come like this. We grow to become like her and each day, I walk towards being this woman. We may have insecurities and fear in our heart but I bet no one was born courageous. I’ve learnt that no matter how much I may feel fear I should never act It out.


One of the most amazing things I like about her is that, she buys pretty things for herself. I didn’t realise this until I read Joyce Meyers ‘The Confident Woman’. Almost immediately, I was kinda, ‘Ahaaan! She is not slack about who she is on the outside. She also takes much care of the inside’. Life is about balance right? Once in a while buy something pretty for you. Don’t be afraid to look good and decent. You deserve it. You are God’s priceless work of art in His gallery.

It’s one day at a time. Don’t be disappointed if you ain’t there yet. Each time I get tired, i remember that we live life one day at time. Slowly and surely, I shall get there. Life is not giving up for


The Lady with the smiley
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10 thoughts on “Becoming ‘that woman’

  1. I wanna be MY “that Woman” too, God give Us the grace to walk with him, patiently waiting on him n his perfect will for our lives!
    Nice article hun!

  2. I totally Love this.
    We need to remember on our walk to becoming THAT WOMAN!! Thanks for sharing.

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