Son of God, would you?

For the love of my master
I, Son of man was born
Flesh and blood, I was formed
Frail and mortal, I chose to come

I groaned through dark nights
I prayed until my life I could offer
I hung on that stake
Naked, not ashamed
Determination, boldly written on my face

For the love of my Father
I bought back my siblings
I was poured out, a drink offering
I left empty, stripped of life


I gave up all that was to be clung to
That He might gain Sons
Because it pleased Him
That He should be called Father
By the works of His fingers

I took on the form of a servant
Humbly, I carried the cross
Obedient even till i felt death’s sting
Till i died in Golgotha

I counted my life as nothing
Will you do the same for Him
For the one you claim to love?
For the ones I showed I love?
For the ones He carved in His image

Son of God,
Would You?


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