Writing after a very long hiatus, I am plagued with the feeling, ‘Do they really still wanna read anything from me?’ This partially explains why most times, I have stopped myself from completing, much more posting articles up here. I do not consider myself a writer by nature, but someone who just happened to find out that she wasn’t so bad at skillfully putting words together.

Meanwhile, I’ve been going through life’s experiences, learning from them of course. I’ve also been reading a lot because this seems to be the only available activity ready to keep my mind busy. Well, asides TV and sleeping of course. I noticed that I am getting better at expressing myself and I’m becoming even more meticulous with respect to writing. I love English and I hope to develop myself in this art to its fullest.

Lately, as curiosity will have it, I have been watching a lot of crime investigation cases on the crime channels on DStv and somewhere in between, I wish I studied criminal science or criminology or forensic science. The bestย  Nigeria could offer me was psychology which my mum thoroughly dissuaded me from studying. I ended up with…. That asides the point, I watched the documentary of a young college student who fell prey in the hands of a psycho-killer. She was murdered by this man who had no good reason under the sun to commit this act. He in actual fact, just wanted to show his neighbours in the community that he could do anything he wanted. This lady, who had just come home from college, went out with her parent’s car to get gas, was abducted by this man, was compelled by him to drive into the woods, was overpowered, killed and her body dumped in a lake. This man was actually standing across the street where she packed getting gasoline. He walked up to her and that was how she came to her unfortunate end.

It struck a cord in me as I heard the comment passed by the detective handling her case. He said, ‘This is an unfortunate situation with no reason for the murder. She just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Oops! Do I hear you say Wow! My sentiments exactly. How do we protect ourselves from being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Prayers! I am reminded of incidents pertaining to stray-bullet victims, victims of a random-crime act and the World Trade Centre incident on Sept 11, 2001. Some people had testimonies of not going there that particular day, obviously because God somehow prevented them. It just made me understand that we can’t afford to live life carelessly without guarding ourselves with the power of prayer. Some one said, when we pray, we’ll be putting our angels to work. They’ll be preventing and averting destruction for our sake. Prayers can never be underestimated!

Also, for me, faith is a lifetime lesson I’m still learning. Learning to lean on God and trust wholly. I’m learning to believe His word against all odds. Learning to believe His word even when my whole being is screaming out of fear. It’s quite hard I must confess but it’s not without the assurance of victory.

After all, “The Just shall live by faith” and nothing else! So I’d leave you with some of Jesus’ words,


God bless you!

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3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. This just inspired me. Thank you
    People forget that some things are beyond our control. Like when a plane crashes onto a building, the people living in it didn’t ask to be crashed upon and some of them might be christians too.
    So its really not until something happens or expected to happen that we should remember God.
    i’m so guilty of this and i’m ashamed.

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