A day’s randoms

Here I am in front of my computer screen, tired of working and taking time out to think and yes of course write this post. I had been thinking generally about my life,ย an activity I undertake very frequently. I have been thinking about how far I have come and the journey ahead. Career and otherwise. I have been thinking about life and how unfair(Sometimes) it had been to me. I have also been thinking of how good God has been to me. Like I heard before, ‘Life may not be fair, but God is’. Comforting yeah?! I have been musing on how for the first time in two weeks I got on my knees at 4:30am and prayed till 5:00am before heading out today. And for those few minutes, I knew deep in my soul that there was a connection between God and I, like I really knew Him and I was there with Him. I must confess that sometimes I’m scared to pray. Someone may say right off The bat that it’s probably because I’ve got sin in my life. Well, none that God’s spirit hasn’t revealed to me and cleansed me of. Contrary to what most people may think, I get scared to get on my knees and surrender because I know that the moment I hit the floor, God will overwhelm me with his love and i would have no reason not to love Him back. For the most part, I want nothing to do with love. I just don’t want to be bothered with that feeling. I know that no matter how far I run, I’m just another Jonah. God’s love will still overtake me anyway. I’m grateful for this.

I have been thinking about how for the past one year, I have given much thought to this certain ‘who’, who I like very much. Unfortunately, I have thought on this matter so much that I have no more thoughts to think and consequently share. I having also been thinking much about how seldom I have been writing and this is partly why I put this out here, to engage with the people who read my posts and say Thanks. I appreciate, being that we are in a whole where we have information overload and its a real struggle reading a post… so, I’m keeping this short and simple.

One of the evidence of God in our lives is peace. He secures our hearts with peace. You just feel a stillness in your heart and it’s evidence to you that the greater one is in there. I continually dwell on the fact that ‘ALL things work together for our good’. I just hit myself in the worst of all situations and say, ‘Hey, God has not left you. He isn’t blinded to what you go through right now’ and this enables me to just wade through the storms and the tsunamis because He is right there with me. God will not stand and watch with folded arms while life beats us hard. He will shield us and strengthen our heart while making things better and so, forever I’m Grateful to be daughter to a God that cares.

Oh by the way, Happy father’s day in arrears to all fathers and fathers to be + my future hubby.

God bless ya!



4 thoughts on “A day’s randoms

  1. wow, I particularly like this post. I am scared to pray too…for a different reason though.

    I think one of my favourite verse of scripture is ‘all things work together for good to them that love God’. I know that despite all my shortcomings, I love God, and He loves me right back and He assures me from time to time too…and the knowledge that all and every thing I go through is going to be for good keeps me going and helps me raise my head high when I would rather do otherwise….

    thanks for sharing and for not refraining from writing…let your words flow and you may never know whose life you will transform forever…just by writing..

    • Hey Tope. Thanks for the encouragement. i appreciate.

      Truly, I never totally know the impact of our words and sometimes that makes me wanna back out from writing. Nonetheless, i will continue by God’s grace. Thanks for sticking around ๐Ÿ™‚

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