I just knew I had to write this. Here goes…

A turn of events have made me more self-aware to say the very least. It was more like, up until recently, I was in a state of hibernation where all my feelings were kept to sleep. Now all have risen to help me feel a mix of so many things, including the realization of my existence. I realize I had this beautiful life to live, which is still very young. I could choose a path and succeed on it. I could be that one thing my heart desired to be. I could fully live life unhindered. I could pursue my dreams and not care about whoever. But in it all, a few thoughts slipped through my mind.

It even became more potent as I read something posted by CJ Nweke on Facebook.

I love the way you fall under the anointing. I can tell you will make a meek wife. You are so yielded to the Holy Ghost.

#Christian Pickup Lines from BroFarai

It made me laugh and sent a beautiful sensation coursing through me. In a mix all the emotions/activity, the word yielded, stood out for me. I totally loved the idea of a meek woman and wife. One with a gentle and quiet spirit. One yielded to the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Consequently, the Holy Spirits gentle whisper falls on my heart as I sat and pondered…

Did you realize God wants you to submit your will to Him in everything? He gave you that will but wants you to give it back to Him in surrender and submission. He made you more aware that you have an executable will and that you own it but in contrast, wants to build Character in you by  asking you to lay it down to pick up His.

His message was clear. My season of awareness is deliberate. God was moving me further in Character. He has set me in a place where I willingly (Body, soul and spirit especially my mind, that is for me) surrenders to God’s will. It’s a type of training we all must go through and God, helps us each step of the way.

The crux of my message is, as we walk with God, He will give us our will just because he wants us to teach us to lay it down. Yeah! That’s how God works. He tests our heart by asking us to lay our will. This primarily includes obeying the word in everything. It’s our choice to make. We in turn, are filled with all the fruits of righteousness (the Spirit), are sincere and without offence till the day of Jesus Christ and have God pleased with us. It’s such a blessing to have a God to obey!




4 thoughts on “Yielded

  1. Lovely article…I am amazed that a simple joke i was pondering on led to such wonderful thoughts. Keep writing. God bless

    • Wow! I never would have thought Bro Farai would get to read this article, talk more comment. Good to have you on here Sir.

      I’m convinced that God could use even a joke to minister to His people. He’s amazing like that!!!!

      Meanwhile, Thanks for stopping by to read. God bless you too. Hope to see more of you around

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