Some Kind of blow

I, being a very observant individual have seen stuff that I tag dysfunctional. I’ve seen the wounded getting wounded and the hurt getting even more hurt. I cringe at every sight of emotional pain. I mean, why should I, in my very right senses, allow myself to be willingly hurt, all in the name of love. Somewhere in my mind, I always turn away sighing, shaking my head and could almost scream shiooor.

Well, that was up until I saw this posted by TobyMac on Facebook


and he called this one, Loving well.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with him. I was a living witness gon. There probably is no way, you’d love any other human with so much baggage (or even perfectly normal) and not be hit with the impact of their wounds. It’s the burden of sacrifice embedded in love. I wouldn’t expect to enter into a relationship without getting some kind of blow. I guess in the end, I wanna be that person that is bold enough to share another’s emotional pain. i ain’t looking for perfect. It is the hurt that I’m most attracted to just for the sake of allowing Christ pour out His healing and love the other through me. There really isn’t love without some kind of sacrifice. Truly, there isn’t.

Digressing not so much, I see couples who love each other but cannot be vulnerable to their other and I know that that situation is a lose-lose situation. For me, marriage is the height of love and commitment. If I knew I didn’t love that person enough to be vulnerable in the relationship, I really shouldn’t have proceeded to marriage. I mean, who would build a house without first counting the cost?  I mean who??

In a situation where both parties seem to be carrying emotional wounds, communication, in love is key. Openness, allowing yourself be vulnerable, the willingness to allow your other help you carry your burden goes a long way to heal both parties. The willingness to see to the healing of the other party add up too in its own way. I believe that in some regard, It’s kindness to allow the other in on your troubles and hurt. I continue to think, God brings friends, lovers, people together to help them carry each other’s burdens.


I never thought Ecc 4;9- 12 talked about just lovers. I also think, to some respect, It could talk about two friends that love each other like  Jonathan and David, or even three of similar nature. The last verse also says, a three-fold cord cannot easily be broken. Amazing!!! I think so too.

Remember, this works when the parties are willing to stick around each other.When one side is working actively and the other side is not willing to help make things better, it can be equal to beating a dead horse. Exit is valid. In all, I think all events are put together by God and so, in all we are to work on God’s instructions and counsel.

Yours truly,

Virtuous Spirit



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