My two cents’ worth – Melancholia

I remember laying on my bed in secondary school and crying. My friends came to me and asked me why. I told them i didn’t know. I just knew I felt sad and unwell. I felt like no one cared and I was all alone in the world. I just felt that way. I received as many hugs as I could get and I felt better. However, those feelings resurfaced many more times after that. Those were my early signs of depression and this was before I got born again. By and by, I understood that I was Melancholic. I use ‘was’ here because I am now a new creation with all the fruits of the Spirit

You’d admit with me that the world just looks darker and colder to the depressed. It could even get more chronic than that. Well, that is according to psychology where one commits suicide out of depression.

Okay, lets face it, depression is much more than depression in the spiritual. Depression is a spirit. No! i’m not trying to go all spiritual or insensitive on you. I’m just saying what it is. Medical science will explain it as an imbalance in hormones or whatever but we know better…

Yes! Depression is real even to christian folks. The interesting thing to note is that Christ Jesus is still in the business of curing all men physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. When I became born again, I knew the love of Jesus and that was it with depression. It rears its ugly head sometimes and I am reminded it is a spiritual battle. I deal with it with the word of God. I am of the opinion that there is no type / intensity of depression God through Jesus Christ through the Church cannot cure. God’s word stands sure!

First, as a Christian, one thing is certain. Depression cannot have free reign in your life because as a new creation, you are free from all the shackles of the devil including depression. So when it comes, fight it with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. It’s a sure cure for depression and anything at all. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-absorbed thoughts. Stand up and fight for what is yours! Understand that we do not live by our feelings but by faith. No matter how you feel, God’s word is your ‘K’. It may seem easier said than done but know that you are not alone. The Holy Spirit is your helper!


Depressed people need LOVE especially the type of love that releases power to cure all kinds the devil decides to throw our way. This is my call for the Christs to identify people with strange and dysfunctional behaviours and show the love of Christ. We were called to use the authority of Jesus to deliver men from the works of the devil. LOVE IS POWER!

Show the Love of Christ Just Because…



8 thoughts on “My two cents’ worth – Melancholia

  1. “God’s word is your K”
    Talk about prophecy gone scientific. Love it. Great, great post – talking about a real issue that so many christians face but don’t know how to handle. God bless you.

  2. This is so true! Had some bouts with depression myself. I pray you continue to bless our generation with more of ur insights from God. God bless

  3. I am going to write a lengthy piece, permit me. i am writing as a christian, a scientist and a medical professional.
    The first error i sense is the terminology and a lack of understanding of the word “depression”. Depression is not synonymous with melancholia, sadness, grief, despair or despondency. it affects persons regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or spirituality. i have seen pastors, spiritual people and people knowlegeable about God battle with depression, and i know it isn’t for lack of knowledge or love.
    depression cannot be cured or overcome with hugs and love, anymore than cancer can be cured with love or multivitamins. Depression is not a ‘feeling’, depression is a disease. it has causes, risk factors and runs a course.
    it is classified as mood disorder, a constellation of many signs and symptoms. it is a change in the wiring of the brain that makes the sufferer not experience joy or pleasure, sucks out the energy and makes them lose interest. the sufferer is distressed by these symptoms and often fights them but it persists. A depressed person cannot respond to show of love, though he/she recognizes it as love. he/she cannot believe that there is any good in the world, in him/herself, and in the people around. some are plagued with unreal experiences and abnormal beliefs about their bodies and people. their body system changes and they can’t eat or sleep or even have the desire for anything.
    it is sad that most people around are suffering in silence because they think it is them or their fault. they think they need to pray more, claim the promises and other things.
    the scripture says “my people perish for lack of knowledge” and that is the case with many christians today. God cures diseases but He does it through so many means. He has used water, sand, leaves, salt and roots of trees. we do not choose the way God will heal us. God heals through modern medicine too, and i have seen it countless times. The drugs that will not work for Mr A works for Mr B because he believes God will cure him and God does.
    Depression is a disease like hypertension, diabetes and cancer and they need medical help. God has set us physicians for healing of the people. read ezekiel, isaiah and luke. they need expert help.
    what we need is to educate people about depression and encourage them to seek help. it is a treatable condition and sufferers can do fine with treatment. it is not a spirit, and christians, born again and spirit filled are not immune from it. let us get that clear.
    Showing love, praying for and with sufferers and claiming God’s words help, no doubt. they work hand in hand with medical help. A man that has a wound will not claim scriptures, he will go for the wound to be dressed and bound and get drugs to keep infection at bay and will pray for the Healer to breath into the help he has gotten so that he can be healed. so also with depression.
    And dear, you were not depressed. Melancholy is a temperament. a personality trait, that predispose to bouts of sadness and feelings of worthlessness ususally because of a high standard set by people with this trait. they constantly feel as if they are not measuring up. sadness is far off from depression, as in, very far. we all get sad for obvious or not obvious reasons, everybody experiences that. But depression is a disease, not a feeling. i can’t say that too much and sufferers need help, expert help.
    sorry for this epistle. i have seen this error too many times to keep quiet. it is my personal crusade on as many blogs as i see the error, to try and shed more light and educate people.
    thanks and God bless.

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