Just a few…

i really just want to state a few things that I have learnt that are unchanging for me…

  • God is my healer!
  • God is my source!
  • My identity is in Jesus not in my race, tribe, color or looks.
  • Pride is a No no for you if you want to have an intimate and loving relationship with God for your years
  • Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. if you lack faith, read the Word of God till it sinks into your spirit. then you are fully charged!
  • Holiness is an act and a state. Be ye holy as your father in heaven is Holy.
  • My righteousness is of Christ Jesus. It is not a function of myself.
  • The state of your heart matters to God. Out of the heart proceeds all evils deeds. God requires purity of heart.
  • Your works also counts before God. He will judge men according to their works too.
  • God is Faithful. Always judge Him faithful!
  • Your faith WILL make you whole.
  • God will is that you are healthy, spirit, soul and body. God will go any length to honor your faith in Him
  • Sickness has no place in my being. When sickness comes kick it out of your body with the sword of the Spirit. God’s Word is life to those who find them and health to ALL their flesh!
  • God is still in the business of healing men through faith. Faith is a channel through which we receive anything at all from God.
  • The devil is not your friend. He came to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t play with him
  • You have authority over the devil. Cast him out in the name of Jesus where needed!
  • The violent taketh by force.  You must be ready to wrestle with God in prayer (with faith) to get what you want from Him
  • Your life can never go wrong with God by your side.
  • The Holy Ghost is a friend and helper.
  • Your life is hidden in Christ in God. The devil can only try
  • God is sovereign in EVERY situation! Not the devil.
  • Sin breaks God’s heart especially after we (Believers) have received the knowledge of the truth
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a sure way to live a victorious life. I encourage all believers to be baptized
  • You are more than conqueror. The devil can’t steal your life. Jesus now holds the keys to death and hell.
  • God has given you all things that pertains to life and godliness.
  • Sin has no dominion over you. grace has got you covered.
  • The sons of God are led by His Spirit, not their flesh!
  • Pray in the Holy Ghost. Pray without ceasing
  • Soul winning is so important to God’s heart

Are there any that you have learnt that stand out for you? please share and let’s learn…

God bless you.


4 thoughts on “Just a few…

  1. Wow awesome post, I can’t even choose a favorite. Here are a few I’ve learnt over time.
    • No matter how small, make time for God everyday.
    •We make time for the things we love, if you love God you’ll make time for Him.
    •The words to express Gods love do not exist.
    •Nothing beats an individual with a genuine relationship with Christ.
    Thanks for Sharing

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