Some words of edification…

It’s an amazing gospel. It’s a somewhat incomprehensible gospel, that God will come and die for mere mortal. That God will take away not only the consequences of Sin but blot it out of the very system of all men alike- Of both the ‘saint’ and the despicable sinner that dare to surrender their being to Him

Need I say more about this gospel? Too many of us are familiar with the story of a God in the likeness of man who came from Heaven and died for His creation. Yes! The creation He thought highly of. The creation He sought all to redeem. In as much as man failed and failed to please Him, He found something good in us. Something good enough to save.

Redemption’s price has been paid; fully paid for that matter. Man no more has to suffer the ire of hell. All he needs to do is open up the door of His heart in acceptance to salvation. It’s too wonderful a tale not to tell.


I thought about salvation today, and how it isn’t complete without the total blotting out of sin. It’s a feat only God could accomplish and has in the lives of many that come to Him. If any man denies that sin can be totally wiped out of the life of a Christian or that a man can live life on earth without committing sin anymore, he therefore denies the power of God to save. If it is denied, then grace is incomplete. If it is denied, then grace ceases from being grace. Now look at this;

Matthew 1:21 KJV
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.


I also thought about salvation today and how its message, time and time again, fascinates my mind. When I sink into deep thought, I’m reminded of so great a salvation that has appeared to all men. No matter the gravity of the sin, no matter how past life was lived, redemption still avails for the man who hears and believes in the name of Jesus. I thought of the worst possible sin a man could commit, and how it will be all washed away by Jesus’ precious blood , if the man who committed the sin surrenders to Christ’s Lordship. My mind still marvels at how God can take something so dirty and purify it. It marvels at how a man’s books are all clean, once he is in Christ.


It indeed is good news for me and for the whole world to know, that God not only forgives sins but blots out records and equips men with the power to “Go and sin no more”. I mean, whosoever will follow Him, He opens His arms in warmย  embrace, showering blessings and favour on such a man.

This is my own knowledge ofย  grace. That God in as much as He requires perfection from me, also gave me the means to be Holy and faultless before Him till He comes again. He gave me the means to now, as a child fully accepted and recognised by Him, live out His standards. He gave me the Holy Ghost!!

We now therefore can fulfill the requirements of the Law. What the law couldn’t accomplish in us, Christ’s death and resurrection has! Christ’s power has fulfilled it in us!


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4 thoughts on “Some words of edification…

  1. it is a mystery..the grace of God, the salvation…it is good news, it is the best thing to ever happen to man. this is refreshingly sweet, God bless you real good,

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