Our Love song.

Typical Christian blogger like me, ran into a few love blogs that i’m totally loving at the moment. No doubt, I’m a love junkie. I like to love and be loved. I’m sure you do to so don’t even look at me like that. lol. 🙂
Meanwhile, last Sunday, i went for a LAFamily (we are Christians who study and apply God’s word virtually) meeting and after it all, i felt healing and warmth. That’s what happens when love is activated.
Okay, so in the love mood, let me just say a few things.
Love began with God and originated from God. He is the source of love. Love is a good thing so it’s okay to want to be loved.


God created our desire to be loved. He wants us to love and enjoy being loved.
Love is power and purity and health and peace. I mean true, unconditional and uncorrupted love.


God wants you to know and experience love like never before. This is the reason He sent His son. So you can know that He loves you and you can feel loved and appreciated.

Love doesn’t not beat but build.

God has placed it in the heart of every of His Children to love just like Him; Unconditionally. So when you find this play out in you, that is God at work.

Trust me! :)

Trust me! 🙂

If there’ s a yearning in your heart for love, God will fill it- with Himself and His own and certainly in good time.God will never take love away from you- except it’s gonna kill you or hurt your future…
So, any others you’d like to share about God and love?


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