Yesterday, I wanted to write something up here being that it’s being 2 or maybe 3 months or even 4 sef that I’ve been MIA. Of cause, I didn’t write because yet again, I had nothing to say.

Weeks back, after hibernating due to many hurtful events in my life, I took some rather bold decisions. The sum of it was confronting my fears… Story for another post.

Meanwhile, today , I stumbled on an Instagram post that read,

“The difference between Jesus and Mohammed.

‘Jesus: ‘I died for you’
‘Mohammed: ‘Kill for me'”

I was a little taken aback, and honestly, I didn’t know what to think at first. Scriptures poured into my head and so I pondered on this. I get the point of trying to evangelise but was that necessary? Was it proper?

Now what’s the real aim of evangelism? Isn’t it to bring in many converts? If your message only brings about much enmity, hasn’t its purpose been defeated? God wishes that none will perish without coming to repentance / without receiving His gift of eternal life. Shouldn’t this be the volume of our messages? Jesus left us one commandment centered on love. Shouldn’t this reflect in our words even to those outside the faith?

I recall Jesus addressing Peter as Satan and Judas as Friend. I want to believe Jesus knew Peter was for Him and Judas wasn’t. I also want to believe Jesus called Judas friend sending him the message of, ‘I’m a friend. I see you as a friend, not an enemy.’Β  Before Judas even betrayed Him, Jesus washed his feet. Sure you’d say, but Peter betrayed Jesus. however, Peter was still the one who replied Jesus saying, ‘To whom shall we go. Only you possesses the words of eternal life’.

Each time the pharisees tried to put Jesus in trouble via his words, for example, with the government, Jesus automatically went neutral. ‘Give unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what’s God. Jesus did not say because Caesar’s government stole from the people, they shouldn’t be given tax. It was only proper he spoke that way. Yet Jesus faced the Pharisees and religious leaders, those I deem members of his own household and spoke hard words at them and boldly went into the temple and threw all the money changers out!

I believe in real & hard talk, (what Paul calls meat) within the christian community. But how do you approach those outside the faith. Do you just slap them with the ‘truth’. Put into consideration not only how and what you say but also how others apart from you will read/perceive it.

It is imperative we speak the truth without spreading hate? I believe we can preach without voicing /spreading hate. We speak the truth in love. It is only wisdom to do that. Wisdom has to guide our utterances. Wisdom has to guide our thoughts and decisions.

The Virtuous Spirit.

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4 thoughts on “Truthfully…

  1. Welcome back!
    Paul talked about different kinds of preaching, some of strife where the aim is to generate quarrels and hatred. This kind sets the gospel backwards, increases the burden and peril of true evangelist.
    Most of what we call preaching nowdays is just “my religion is better than yours” The centre most times isn’t about God’s love nor about the death of Jesus..

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