Love, Him, him & your heart

God is the God of love and His desire is that everyday as we walk the earth, we feel loved and we love as well. We however are broken people and at some point in my life, I told people my love meter was broken. I could neither feel love nor reciprocate the love that was shown to me. I had good knowledge of who God was and how he loved me, but I couldn’t just get myself to love. More so, love was a distant concept to me. Something that would never exist in my life nor happen to me. In general I didn’t believe any good thing will come my way. This was mainly because i was broken, I mean heart right broken. This was properly reinforced by broken relationships I was involved in, tales of broken marriages and dysfunctional homes.


I believe in God, I believe in love and I believe in marriage. I realized these thoughts were of the enemy and I did well to renew my mind. God is for you and as such, if your desire is to own a successful relationship and better still marriage and home, one filled with God’s love and peace, God is in the business of making that happen. I resolve that I am willing to make my relationship with my partner, even after marriage work and I many times over converse with God about this. I want to start from courtship or dating and transcend into marriage and be happy and blessed all the way through. This I believe, starts with marrying the right individual. By right I mean, with God’s approval and blessings. I have loved men and I have gotten my heart broken, many times because I was neither wise nor discerning. Like many other women, honey, I’m with you. This is why, as a lady in waiting, it will do you well to manage your emotions and control how you feel towards ’em gentlemen. It is not wise to catch feelings just because he’s cute, intelligent, well read, or has plenty money. There should be much more than that.

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. Songs of Solomon 8;4 NIV

There’s a school of thought which says there are many different partners God has for you and marrying either one of them is the start of a happy home / marriage. I agree. There is a state of heart and mind in which man and wife, different in many aspects, love, agree and accept each other so much that they are willing to and they submit to each other. They are for each other with each others best interests at heart and they are not afraid to communicate that. They respect and care for each other and their love is reciprocated. When arguments / disagreements arise, they settle in a godly manner, each airing, caring, listening and esteeming the other’s view / opinions. There is no ‘lording over’ from either of them.

Broken homes don’t just come about. It’s safe to say that their foundations were / are broken. A successful home for me, would be a christian home where Christ is both the foundation and the centre.

I was reading Joyce Meyer’s managing your emotions and she mentioned that she thanked God she had a husband that loved her because of his attitude towards her over many years of marriage. Not too many women can boast of this, but it is my desire that as women of God, from the depth of our hearts, we can truly and frankly tell others that our husbands love us because he has not left us in doubt about it.

It will do you a world of good if you reckon yourself a woman of God and more so, worthy of love. Love is for you and if God could give His son to die for you, he will give you His son’s heart again. Follow God’s leading in dating and courtship. Woman of God, ALLOW God lead you. God wants to be your Shepard in choosing a man but you have to give Him the honour to decide who you run off with. Be full of faith in God and His word, knowing that He will give you a man after His heart. God is able to give you exceeding more than you request for. Resolve to obey God. it may be hard but God will never abandon you through your tests. it may be hard but it is never impossible. The bible mentioned His commandments are not burdensome. Sometimes, I negotiate with God but I tell Him I will always obey His final words. If He insists I do it this way, I just do it. Be discerning. Not every man in the church is of the church. Please test the intentions of his heart. Esteem a gentle and quiet spirit. Esteem the proverbs 31 woman. Above all, esteem God and your relationship with Him.

Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful. Songs of Solomon 1; 16, ESV

PS; i’m terribly sorry, i’ve not been around in a while. I promise to be here more often.

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