Tunnels of Roses and Thorns

Looking back today, I can only be grateful to God and count my blessings. After going through a very dark season in my life, I have finally come to the end of the tunnel. I can feel sunlight warm my skin and dry up all my tears. I can only honestly be grateful to God for walking down that road and refining, restoring, renewing and rebuilding my broken bricks.

During that period, I doubted my actions and even more so myself. This is why I didn’t write much. I was vulnerable and all I wanted to do was bare my soul for everyone to see how much blood I had bled. I hated wanting to do it so desperately So i resented vulnerability. I resented vulnerability and fought the urge to just post without purpose. You see, Being vulnerable is not a bad thing. It makes you original. It means people can relate with the real you and not shadows and types and it really isn’t a bad thing. I lost my confidence to stand before the world and be me. i know it’s a stage many of us go or will go through, where we are not comfortable with one part of our lives or the other. in it, I remembered God created me with potential to add value to my world. More so, since I am born of God, the more I was to think i could impact greatly. He had put words in my mouth and a message in my heart for young women. I wasn’t going to shy away from that. You need to know, you don’t need to feel confident to be confident.

My tunnels were full of thorns and roses. So I rejoiced for my roses in my bush of thorns. God was nonetheless with me and this gave me more reason to rejoice. Taking Paul’s advise, daily, I

Rejoice evermore. 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Honestly, in the midst of our trials and troubles, it’s often too bleak and dark for us to see God leading, guiding and shielding us. Nonetheless for me, He was there. There was an assurance in my heart because my Spirit confirms it. Know that,

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147;3

God is God in good and bad. I have first hand experience and if you’re going through your tunnels of roses and thorns, God has no plans to leave or forsake you. He promises to bring you out stronger and more refined than gold. If you ever doubt your plans, trust God’s. This is the rest I have entered. i have decided to stay and rest in here. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed at whatever I lay my hands to do because i believe in the One who made those hands, that mind and those potentials in me. At least if you doubt you can do anything. Don’t doubt that God can do in and through you.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to talk to me, or share a story on what God has been teaching or taught you on your journey as a woman, please mail ifeoluwaolunu@gmail.com. Super expectant to hear from you!


Lady V.


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