The Sound of falling water

Mother cuddles her daughter

Thoughts clog my heart

Memories but you

My fountain broke

In sad trickles

Your songs cringe my ears

Irritating noises

The sun sets on you

Few days, incessant nights

My heart picks a fight

Old memories pay homage

Longing intertwines vexation

Awkward smiles, distressed frowns

Worries ease my pain

Cries soar from the distance

Pleas for the warmth of her mother


Within her…


God is within her…

Fierce, Virtuous
Immensely graceful
Clad with strength and dignity
Drunk with new wine

Her hands, inscribing skillfully
Her master’s sword
Fighting, tearing down walls
Wining hearts to Himself

Her lips, they sing a song
The sounds so melodious
On a mission to speak of her King
To tell tales of His wondrous love

Her heart, His royal throne
Raised high that all men may see
That men may behold the beauty of His majesty

Purple garments, fine linen lace her skin
Beauty underneath, excellent spirit within
Wisdom, kindness grace her speech
Scarlet taught He her to cover him, her gift

Her heart, a city
Fortified by His power
Garrisoned by His presence
From dusk to dawn, He shields it

God is within…

Beneath silk and skin

And bones and blood

God is within her virtuous spirit…

God is within her, she CANNOT fall.


Postscript: Fierce (adj); of exceptional quality, showing boldness or chutzpah

Her Pain! Her Story!! Her Glory!!!

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head- Psalm 3:3

They see the glory
But they don’t know
How many times she felt rejected
How for so long a time
She felt like nothing.

They see the glory
But they do not know
How lowly she was esteemed
Among her peers
And considered of no worth
Among her equals.

They only see the glory
But they never knew
How over and over again
She surrendered her life to Him
That maybe it may eventually
Become something worthy.

They only see the glory
But they never saw
How many sleepless nights she had
When she could do nothing but cry
Because she felt pain untold.

They only see the glory
But they do not know
How day after day
And she worked with all her heart
Determined to please Abba.

They only see the glory
But they never observed
How insecure she constantly felt
Because her dudes demanded for sex
But she resolved to keep herself holy
Only for her maker.

They only see the glory
But they didn’t hear of
How many sleepless nights she had
How many vigils she attended
How she sought to pray
And find God in her misery

They only see the glory
Yea, they only see the glory
But they do not know her story
How Yahweh became her shield
Her glory and the lifter of her head.