Some words of edification…

It’s an amazing gospel. It’s a somewhat incomprehensible gospel, that God will come and die for mere mortal. That God will take away not only the consequences of Sin but blot it out of the very system of all men alike- Of both the ‘saint’ and the despicable sinner that dare to surrender their being to Him

Need I say more about this gospel? Too many of us are familiar with the story of a God in the likeness of man who came from Heaven and died for His creation. Yes! The creation He thought highly of. The creation He sought all to redeem. In as much as man failed and failed to please Him, He found something good in us. Something good enough to save.

Redemption’s price has been paid; fully paid for that matter. Man no more has to suffer the ire of hell. All he needs to do is open up the door of His heart in acceptance to salvation. It’s too wonderful a tale not to tell.


I thought about salvation today, and how it isn’t complete without the total blotting out of sin. It’s a feat only God could accomplish and has in the lives of many that come to Him. If any man denies that sin can be totally wiped out of the life of a Christian or that a man can live life on earth without committing sin anymore, he therefore denies the power of God to save. If it is denied, then grace is incomplete. If it is denied, then grace ceases from being grace. Now look at this;

Matthew 1:21 KJV
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.


I also thought about salvation today and how its message, time and time again, fascinates my mind. When I sink into deep thought, I’m reminded of so great a salvation that has appeared to all men. No matter the gravity of the sin, no matter how past life was lived, redemption still avails for the man who hears and believes in the name of Jesus. I thought of the worst possible sin a man could commit, and how it will be all washed away by Jesus’ precious blood , if the man who committed the sin surrenders to Christ’s Lordship. My mind still marvels at how God can take something so dirty and purify it. It marvels at how a man’s books are all clean, once he is in Christ.


It indeed is good news for me and for the whole world to know, that God not only forgives sins but blots out records and equips men with the power to “Go and sin no more”. I mean, whosoever will follow Him, He opens His arms in warm  embrace, showering blessings and favour on such a man.

This is my own knowledge of  grace. That God in as much as He requires perfection from me, also gave me the means to be Holy and faultless before Him till He comes again. He gave me the means to now, as a child fully accepted and recognised by Him, live out His standards. He gave me the Holy Ghost!!

We now therefore can fulfill the requirements of the Law. What the law couldn’t accomplish in us, Christ’s death and resurrection has! Christ’s power has fulfilled it in us!


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Just a few…

i really just want to state a few things that I have learnt that are unchanging for me…

  • God is my healer!
  • God is my source!
  • My identity is in Jesus not in my race, tribe, color or looks.
  • Pride is a No no for you if you want to have an intimate and loving relationship with God for your years
  • Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. if you lack faith, read the Word of God till it sinks into your spirit. then you are fully charged!
  • Holiness is an act and a state. Be ye holy as your father in heaven is Holy.
  • My righteousness is of Christ Jesus. It is not a function of myself.
  • The state of your heart matters to God. Out of the heart proceeds all evils deeds. God requires purity of heart.
  • Your works also counts before God. He will judge men according to their works too.
  • God is Faithful. Always judge Him faithful!
  • Your faith WILL make you whole.
  • God will is that you are healthy, spirit, soul and body. God will go any length to honor your faith in Him
  • Sickness has no place in my being. When sickness comes kick it out of your body with the sword of the Spirit. God’s Word is life to those who find them and health to ALL their flesh!
  • God is still in the business of healing men through faith. Faith is a channel through which we receive anything at all from God.
  • The devil is not your friend. He came to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t play with him
  • You have authority over the devil. Cast him out in the name of Jesus where needed!
  • The violent taketh by force.  You must be ready to wrestle with God in prayer (with faith) to get what you want from Him
  • Your life can never go wrong with God by your side.
  • The Holy Ghost is a friend and helper.
  • Your life is hidden in Christ in God. The devil can only try
  • God is sovereign in EVERY situation! Not the devil.
  • Sin breaks God’s heart especially after we (Believers) have received the knowledge of the truth
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a sure way to live a victorious life. I encourage all believers to be baptized
  • You are more than conqueror. The devil can’t steal your life. Jesus now holds the keys to death and hell.
  • God has given you all things that pertains to life and godliness.
  • Sin has no dominion over you. grace has got you covered.
  • The sons of God are led by His Spirit, not their flesh!
  • Pray in the Holy Ghost. Pray without ceasing
  • Soul winning is so important to God’s heart

Are there any that you have learnt that stand out for you? please share and let’s learn…

God bless you.

My two cents’ worth – Melancholia

I remember laying on my bed in secondary school and crying. My friends came to me and asked me why. I told them i didn’t know. I just knew I felt sad and unwell. I felt like no one cared and I was all alone in the world. I just felt that way. I received as many hugs as I could get and I felt better. However, those feelings resurfaced many more times after that. Those were my early signs of depression and this was before I got born again. By and by, I understood that I was Melancholic. I use ‘was’ here because I am now a new creation with all the fruits of the Spirit

You’d admit with me that the world just looks darker and colder to the depressed. It could even get more chronic than that. Well, that is according to psychology where one commits suicide out of depression.

Okay, lets face it, depression is much more than depression in the spiritual. Depression is a spirit. No! i’m not trying to go all spiritual or insensitive on you. I’m just saying what it is. Medical science will explain it as an imbalance in hormones or whatever but we know better…

Yes! Depression is real even to christian folks. The interesting thing to note is that Christ Jesus is still in the business of curing all men physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. When I became born again, I knew the love of Jesus and that was it with depression. It rears its ugly head sometimes and I am reminded it is a spiritual battle. I deal with it with the word of God. I am of the opinion that there is no type / intensity of depression God through Jesus Christ through the Church cannot cure. God’s word stands sure!

First, as a Christian, one thing is certain. Depression cannot have free reign in your life because as a new creation, you are free from all the shackles of the devil including depression. So when it comes, fight it with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. It’s a sure cure for depression and anything at all. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-absorbed thoughts. Stand up and fight for what is yours! Understand that we do not live by our feelings but by faith. No matter how you feel, God’s word is your ‘K’. It may seem easier said than done but know that you are not alone. The Holy Spirit is your helper!


Depressed people need LOVE especially the type of love that releases power to cure all kinds the devil decides to throw our way. This is my call for the Christs to identify people with strange and dysfunctional behaviours and show the love of Christ. We were called to use the authority of Jesus to deliver men from the works of the devil. LOVE IS POWER!

Show the Love of Christ Just Because…


Some Kind of blow

I, being a very observant individual have seen stuff that I tag dysfunctional. I’ve seen the wounded getting wounded and the hurt getting even more hurt. I cringe at every sight of emotional pain. I mean, why should I, in my very right senses, allow myself to be willingly hurt, all in the name of love. Somewhere in my mind, I always turn away sighing, shaking my head and could almost scream shiooor.

Well, that was up until I saw this posted by TobyMac on Facebook


and he called this one, Loving well.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with him. I was a living witness gon. There probably is no way, you’d love any other human with so much baggage (or even perfectly normal) and not be hit with the impact of their wounds. It’s the burden of sacrifice embedded in love. I wouldn’t expect to enter into a relationship without getting some kind of blow. I guess in the end, I wanna be that person that is bold enough to share another’s emotional pain. i ain’t looking for perfect. It is the hurt that I’m most attracted to just for the sake of allowing Christ pour out His healing and love the other through me. There really isn’t love without some kind of sacrifice. Truly, there isn’t.

Digressing not so much, I see couples who love each other but cannot be vulnerable to their other and I know that that situation is a lose-lose situation. For me, marriage is the height of love and commitment. If I knew I didn’t love that person enough to be vulnerable in the relationship, I really shouldn’t have proceeded to marriage. I mean, who would build a house without first counting the cost?  I mean who??

In a situation where both parties seem to be carrying emotional wounds, communication, in love is key. Openness, allowing yourself be vulnerable, the willingness to allow your other help you carry your burden goes a long way to heal both parties. The willingness to see to the healing of the other party add up too in its own way. I believe that in some regard, It’s kindness to allow the other in on your troubles and hurt. I continue to think, God brings friends, lovers, people together to help them carry each other’s burdens.


I never thought Ecc 4;9- 12 talked about just lovers. I also think, to some respect, It could talk about two friends that love each other like  Jonathan and David, or even three of similar nature. The last verse also says, a three-fold cord cannot easily be broken. Amazing!!! I think so too.

Remember, this works when the parties are willing to stick around each other.When one side is working actively and the other side is not willing to help make things better, it can be equal to beating a dead horse. Exit is valid. In all, I think all events are put together by God and so, in all we are to work on God’s instructions and counsel.

Yours truly,

Virtuous Spirit



I just knew I had to write this. Here goes…

A turn of events have made me more self-aware to say the very least. It was more like, up until recently, I was in a state of hibernation where all my feelings were kept to sleep. Now all have risen to help me feel a mix of so many things, including the realization of my existence. I realize I had this beautiful life to live, which is still very young. I could choose a path and succeed on it. I could be that one thing my heart desired to be. I could fully live life unhindered. I could pursue my dreams and not care about whoever. But in it all, a few thoughts slipped through my mind.

It even became more potent as I read something posted by CJ Nweke on Facebook.

I love the way you fall under the anointing. I can tell you will make a meek wife. You are so yielded to the Holy Ghost.

#Christian Pickup Lines from BroFarai

It made me laugh and sent a beautiful sensation coursing through me. In a mix all the emotions/activity, the word yielded, stood out for me. I totally loved the idea of a meek woman and wife. One with a gentle and quiet spirit. One yielded to the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Consequently, the Holy Spirits gentle whisper falls on my heart as I sat and pondered…

Did you realize God wants you to submit your will to Him in everything? He gave you that will but wants you to give it back to Him in surrender and submission. He made you more aware that you have an executable will and that you own it but in contrast, wants to build Character in you by  asking you to lay it down to pick up His.

His message was clear. My season of awareness is deliberate. God was moving me further in Character. He has set me in a place where I willingly (Body, soul and spirit especially my mind, that is for me) surrenders to God’s will. It’s a type of training we all must go through and God, helps us each step of the way.

The crux of my message is, as we walk with God, He will give us our will just because he wants us to teach us to lay it down. Yeah! That’s how God works. He tests our heart by asking us to lay our will. This primarily includes obeying the word in everything. It’s our choice to make. We in turn, are filled with all the fruits of righteousness (the Spirit), are sincere and without offence till the day of Jesus Christ and have God pleased with us. It’s such a blessing to have a God to obey!




The Sound of falling water

Mother cuddles her daughter

Thoughts clog my heart

Memories but you

My fountain broke

In sad trickles

Your songs cringe my ears

Irritating noises

The sun sets on you

Few days, incessant nights

My heart picks a fight

Old memories pay homage

Longing intertwines vexation

Awkward smiles, distressed frowns

Worries ease my pain

Cries soar from the distance

Pleas for the warmth of her mother

A day’s randoms

Here I am in front of my computer screen, tired of working and taking time out to think and yes of course write this post. I had been thinking generally about my life, an activity I undertake very frequently. I have been thinking about how far I have come and the journey ahead. Career and otherwise. I have been thinking about life and how unfair(Sometimes) it had been to me. I have also been thinking of how good God has been to me. Like I heard before, ‘Life may not be fair, but God is’. Comforting yeah?! I have been musing on how for the first time in two weeks I got on my knees at 4:30am and prayed till 5:00am before heading out today. And for those few minutes, I knew deep in my soul that there was a connection between God and I, like I really knew Him and I was there with Him. I must confess that sometimes I’m scared to pray. Someone may say right off The bat that it’s probably because I’ve got sin in my life. Well, none that God’s spirit hasn’t revealed to me and cleansed me of. Contrary to what most people may think, I get scared to get on my knees and surrender because I know that the moment I hit the floor, God will overwhelm me with his love and i would have no reason not to love Him back. For the most part, I want nothing to do with love. I just don’t want to be bothered with that feeling. I know that no matter how far I run, I’m just another Jonah. God’s love will still overtake me anyway. I’m grateful for this.

I have been thinking about how for the past one year, I have given much thought to this certain ‘who’, who I like very much. Unfortunately, I have thought on this matter so much that I have no more thoughts to think and consequently share. I having also been thinking much about how seldom I have been writing and this is partly why I put this out here, to engage with the people who read my posts and say Thanks. I appreciate, being that we are in a whole where we have information overload and its a real struggle reading a post… so, I’m keeping this short and simple.

One of the evidence of God in our lives is peace. He secures our hearts with peace. You just feel a stillness in your heart and it’s evidence to you that the greater one is in there. I continually dwell on the fact that ‘ALL things work together for our good’. I just hit myself in the worst of all situations and say, ‘Hey, God has not left you. He isn’t blinded to what you go through right now’ and this enables me to just wade through the storms and the tsunamis because He is right there with me. God will not stand and watch with folded arms while life beats us hard. He will shield us and strengthen our heart while making things better and so, forever I’m Grateful to be daughter to a God that cares.

Oh by the way, Happy father’s day in arrears to all fathers and fathers to be + my future hubby.

God bless ya!



Writing after a very long hiatus, I am plagued with the feeling, ‘Do they really still wanna read anything from me?’ This partially explains why most times, I have stopped myself from completing, much more posting articles up here. I do not consider myself a writer by nature, but someone who just happened to find out that she wasn’t so bad at skillfully putting words together.

Meanwhile, I’ve been going through life’s experiences, learning from them of course. I’ve also been reading a lot because this seems to be the only available activity ready to keep my mind busy. Well, asides TV and sleeping of course. I noticed that I am getting better at expressing myself and I’m becoming even more meticulous with respect to writing. I love English and I hope to develop myself in this art to its fullest.

Lately, as curiosity will have it, I have been watching a lot of crime investigation cases on the crime channels on DStv and somewhere in between, I wish I studied criminal science or criminology or forensic science. The best  Nigeria could offer me was psychology which my mum thoroughly dissuaded me from studying. I ended up with…. That asides the point, I watched the documentary of a young college student who fell prey in the hands of a psycho-killer. She was murdered by this man who had no good reason under the sun to commit this act. He in actual fact, just wanted to show his neighbours in the community that he could do anything he wanted. This lady, who had just come home from college, went out with her parent’s car to get gas, was abducted by this man, was compelled by him to drive into the woods, was overpowered, killed and her body dumped in a lake. This man was actually standing across the street where she packed getting gasoline. He walked up to her and that was how she came to her unfortunate end.

It struck a cord in me as I heard the comment passed by the detective handling her case. He said, ‘This is an unfortunate situation with no reason for the murder. She just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Oops! Do I hear you say Wow! My sentiments exactly. How do we protect ourselves from being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Prayers! I am reminded of incidents pertaining to stray-bullet victims, victims of a random-crime act and the World Trade Centre incident on Sept 11, 2001. Some people had testimonies of not going there that particular day, obviously because God somehow prevented them. It just made me understand that we can’t afford to live life carelessly without guarding ourselves with the power of prayer. Some one said, when we pray, we’ll be putting our angels to work. They’ll be preventing and averting destruction for our sake. Prayers can never be underestimated!

Also, for me, faith is a lifetime lesson I’m still learning. Learning to lean on God and trust wholly. I’m learning to believe His word against all odds. Learning to believe His word even when my whole being is screaming out of fear. It’s quite hard I must confess but it’s not without the assurance of victory.

After all, “The Just shall live by faith” and nothing else! So I’d leave you with some of Jesus’ words,


God bless you!

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Eyes opened and the first word she heard was…


And she shall be called Love!

As if she heard nothing, she was immediately distracted with what she looked like. She had just discovered this body that clad her. She examined herself, She looked skillfully and carefully carved out. She knew she wasn’t some cosmic accident that found its way to planet earth. One could tell she was made on purpose. She examined the features she saw, loving every part of it. She thought she was a fine work of arts and he who must have dreamt up a design such as hers must be a genius. She couldn’t wait to see who.

She could feel her heart beat. She felt alive as she raised her hands slowly in amazement of what they looked like. She felt life surge through her and the feelings that ran through her gave her a sense of completeness. she felt peace. She felt satisfaction. An uncommon joy, as of something unique and pristine welled up inside her. She felt happiness she couldn’t find appropriate words to describe.

The sound from a distance drew her out of her thoughts. She looked and saw one whose comeliness equated perfection. ‘He must be the one’, she thought to herself. Amazingly, she looked just like him. He called out again, this time in an entirely different language…


She turned. He smiled and beckoned on her. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her as she made her way into his arms. Suddenly she realised that in his arms was where she wanted to be. Her heart was where he was made to dwell. Increasingly, she longed for those pierced hands that chose to hold her.


He made her dance to the rhythm of his heart. She moved, in reckless abandon not caring that she thought she was bad at it. Overwhelmed with the feeling of love he fed her with, she fell to her knees and began to sob. She gently burst into a song and sang to her heart content.

Then sings my soul, my saviour God to Thee. How great Thou art! How great Thou art!!

He picked her up. She could see tears drop from his eyes as he spoke yet again.

You are love and you shall be called love. This is who I made you to be. I cause men to call you love because you are the perfect expression of who I am. You are woman. You are loved; yes, my beloved! And child, today and everyday of who you are as you walk the earth, nations shall rise and call you blessed.

Finally, she knew who she really was. She could speak of who she really is.


The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying , Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3

PS: Ifeoluwa; a Yoruba name bore by people from the western part of Nigeria meaning The love of God.

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Son of God, would you?

For the love of my master
I, Son of man was born
Flesh and blood, I was formed
Frail and mortal, I chose to come

I groaned through dark nights
I prayed until my life I could offer
I hung on that stake
Naked, not ashamed
Determination, boldly written on my face

For the love of my Father
I bought back my siblings
I was poured out, a drink offering
I left empty, stripped of life


I gave up all that was to be clung to
That He might gain Sons
Because it pleased Him
That He should be called Father
By the works of His fingers

I took on the form of a servant
Humbly, I carried the cross
Obedient even till i felt death’s sting
Till i died in Golgotha

I counted my life as nothing
Will you do the same for Him
For the one you claim to love?
For the ones I showed I love?
For the ones He carved in His image

Son of God,
Would You?


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