Dear Woman!

Hey there,

I want to speak a little on transiting from single to newly wed.

I have been online a lot. A little too much according to my own judgements. It has also made me think a lot. I’m seeing a lot of single Christian women getting married lately and I’m hoping with all my heart that they are making the right choice. Im hoping they are marrying men after God’s heart. I’m hoping that they are, like I was getting married. I’m anxious because I know how far a bad marriage can wreck her entire life. I’m anxious because forever with a strange man is too long a time to be unhappy.


It also made me take inventory of my life. I’m still waiting on God for a partner and so far, I haven’t been praying much. Two days ago, in fact, God summed it up. He said, ‘it’s irresponsibility to not pray about your future.’ I knew God was serious. So I’ve started praying seriously…. About the man, the children, career progression, my plans, my 30s, my 40s, my 50s, pretty much my future.

Sometime ago, Bisi told me how God had warned her before she married Bayo. Bisi is a Christian woman. Bisi is a woman who loved God. She met Bayo in church yet God warned her against marrying him. Days to her wedding ceremony, her heart wanted to pray so much. She gave in and kept at it. She kept praying and praying and then she discovered that Bayo had been keeping affairs with an acquaintance. It broke her. It really broke her and now, it’s silently wrecking her marriage.

You see why I’m anxious. We need healthy marriages and not broken ones. This is why, dear woman of God, I’m writing to you today. Long before you take that step, stop and pray. No, scratch that, pray a lot. Pray and pray and pray. And then trust God. Follow the leading of His Spirit.

Don’t let the beauty and glamour of wearing a ring and having a wedding cause you to rush into a marriage. Don’t let it get you so excited that you don’t follow your inner witness of the Holy Spirit. For what I know, God will never keep you in the dark if you sincerely ask for His opinion and seek His will. If you ask Him to reveal the content of that man’s heart, He sure will. What a godly woman needs is a godly man. In fact, they are a good fit. There is no one better for her than a man that is pursuing God while wooing her heart. We as women of God, need to raise our children in homes that are filled with God so, please pray!