The Sound of falling water

Mother cuddles her daughter

Thoughts clog my heart

Memories but you

My fountain broke

In sad trickles

Your songs cringe my ears

Irritating noises

The sun sets on you

Few days, incessant nights

My heart picks a fight

Old memories pay homage

Longing intertwinesΒ vexation

Awkward smiles, distressed frowns

Worries ease my pain

Cries soar from the distance

Pleas for the warmth of her mother


Son of God, would you?

For the love of my master
I, Son of man was born
Flesh and blood, I was formed
Frail and mortal, I chose to come

I groaned through dark nights
I prayed until my life I could offer
I hung on that stake
Naked, not ashamed
Determination, boldly written on my face

For the love of my Father
I bought back my siblings
I was poured out, a drink offering
I left empty, stripped of life


I gave up all that was to be clung to
That He might gain Sons
Because it pleased Him
That He should be called Father
By the works of His fingers

I took on the form of a servant
Humbly, I carried the cross
Obedient even till i felt death’s sting
Till i died in Golgotha

I counted my life as nothing
Will you do the same for Him
For the one you claim to love?
For the ones I showed I love?
For the ones He carved in His image

Son of God,
Would You?


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Some musing

‘I love you’ were the words I loved to hear leave you lips. True or not, they made me feel good. I felt accepted, loved, until you left. I felt loved by you, by God, by whoever. I was willing to love. To lay down my life to display my love. At least, I felt that way. At least I thought, it will be my golden display of love. My emotions clung tightly to you.

So long a time, I felt betrayed by you. That you dared with each ‘I love you’ lie to me. I was mad. Worst of all, I was broken! Lethargic, apathetic. Call it what you may. Days on end, even when i knew God loved me, I felt unloved.

Just yesterday, after 12 months, I was back on my bed. That bed that for the most part of what I thought was, soaked my tears. That bed that on each, each night, i encountered God. That bed that each morning, hurriedly, I knelt beside it with teary eyes, trying so hard to express how much He means to me. I laid on it. Familiar feelings swept over me. It seemed to embrace me. It seemed to give me a ‘welcome back home’ hug. Most of all, I felt You. I felt You at 3am. I felt You again, the Lover of my soul.

Just yesterday, while working in the kitchen, worry crossed my path. My future was secure. Oh, I couldn’t be more sure about it. God had a plan. I was working in it. Yet I felt burdened. Burdened that I may end up with trouble beyond what I could handle. Trouble that I will eventually end up with someone I will manage with for a long long time. Trouble that may come with ‘I do’. You reminded me that I need not worry. Then, I had peace.

Just yesterday, I read an article. It blessed my heart. She wrote a lot of words and for the first time in a long time, it went right past my head into my heart. She said she waited 12 years for him. I’ve just waited 4 or is it 5, and I’m worried sick already. I understand that i was a worrier by nature. But worry ain’t me no more! I have His divine nature. Silly me! She wrote, and as I read each sentence, word after word, I felt whole again. I felt receptive again. Someone said, love is more than words, feelings or actions. He said, love is a spirit and some carry it. I couldn’t agree more. She must have communicated it to my heart. Bless God for her!

Well, in all, I wrote this thank you note for a whole lot of seeming minute blessings to some. For bringing me back home. For bringing me back to familiar grounds. For reassuring my heart over and over again. For not giving up on me. For a bed to lay on. For emotions which makes relationships meaningful. For friends that cry with me in my thunderstorms. For family that exude Your love. For Your kind heart. For your children that you use to bless lives. I’m glad beyond words.


Now the world knows that…


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Sons of God
Of the Similitude of men
Spirit beings
Heirs of the most powerful kingdom
One with His Spirit
Yahweh’s most blessed creation

Yet We have sat at His feet
Listening to His every word
we have stilled our being and drank from the inexhaustible fountain of His spirit
Like weaned children, we have quiet our souls
Longing, seeking, waiting, overly expectant

Learning to crawl and yet take giant strides
Learning to take one step after another as His precious Spirit prompts us
Learning to depend on His spirit
Learning to arise and run as His spirit gives strength and speed

We learnt to rebuke the winds
To speak like His Son spoke on earth
To fight like King David’s mighty men of Valour
We have heard His voice, his instructions
We have received Power from on High

We have learnt to love,
To give our most precious gifts to Him who first loved us.
We learn to lay down our lives
Carry our cross and follow Him
We are learning to die daily and live eternally

We have beheld His glory with unveiled faces
Undeniably change has occurred
We have been changed from glory to glory.

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Slowly she let go
Slowly she realised great worth in all of this
Life couldn’t possibly treat her badly
He threw punches, blow after blow
But she resolves to keep silent
Like a sheep to the slaughter
Like her master, she held her peace
She knew she’d be better
She knew she’d make it through each day
She knew there was One for her
Better than everyone else that had left
Right now, she couldn’t be bothered
She could care less, free from all the pain
“It is not about them”, He constantly reminded
“It’s about You and I”, He continually reassured
“Just You and I Dear”, He tenderly whispered
A smile kindled around her lips
Her cheeks flushed
Soothing relief, He handed her
She had made it through yet another topsy-turvy day
One more day had been ticked off the list
She could boast, Her head held High
Because she had a Lover
A unique Lover
The true description of love
One that loved still the more
Even with all her misdeeds and flaws
One that has loved her more than any other
One who has loved her like no other
One so Precious! One so Priceless!
There was nothing more to be
Than to be called ‘Hephzibah’
No more was she forsaken
No more was her Life desolate
She has found what millions unending searched for
The lover of her soul was finally home
Home inside her heart

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We cannot deny . . . The Logos

We can’t deny this. We cannot deny that the Word of God works. We have seen it with our own eyes, looked upon it. We have put it to work. It has wrought tremendous results for us.
No! We can deny this!

The Word of Life! The Word that heals! The Word that Comforts! The Word that Strengthens! The Word that relieves! The Word that revives! The Word that makes strong! The Word that makes Bold! The Word that builds! The Word that empowers! The Word that transforms! It has changed us. It has given us Hope. It has given us a new identity. It has given us all things. It brightened our faces. We are no more ashamed. It has increased our lives. It has birthed new life in us. It has brought us joy. It has delivered peace unto us. It has brought us rest. It has brought us eternal life! It has shown us the way to live abundant life.

We believed it. We proclaimed it. We have seen its effect. We have seen full proof of its worth. We have seen its result. We hereby shout it on the rooftops. We have waged a good war with it. We have defeated the enemy with it. The Word of Power! The Word submerged in power!! The Word of His power!!! The Word that comes with power!!! The Powerful Word of life!!!! The Word that has life in itself to raise every dead situation.

Complete and full of Power! We could not but speak it. We could not but tell its story. We cannot but tell its tale. It has changed our lives. It has blessed us. It has upheld us. Against Hope, we have known Hope. We have beheld hope. Why? Because we knew and we believed. Because, ‘His Word said so’.

Light! Life!! Life to the dying. Light to the stumbling. Life to we that found it. Health to all our flesh! We have trusted it. We have tested it. We put all our hopes in it. We put it to work. Yet, it did not fail us. It accomplished its purpose to the letter.

We cannot but inform you today. THE WORD OF GOD WORKS!!!

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life . . . that which we have seen and heard, declare we unto you . . . And these things I write unto you, that your joy may be full. 1 John 1: 1, 3 & 4.

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Blue skies

When I first read this, a beautiful and soothing feeling washed over me. Yeah! You guessed right. I didn’t write this but a dear, anointed, blessed, friend and woman of God did. I love love it! There really is beauty in simplicity. I hope it ministers to you that God wants to warm your heart with love and so much more. Please enjoy!

Dark skies, no moon
Windy mornings, rainy days
Crashing skies, stormy weather
Let Me bring you warmth like leather

You smile at me, my world is shining
I look at You, my heart is racing
No more cold, no more rain
All I feel is our hearts aligning

Let My love bring warmth to your soul
Let My presence bring light to your eyes
Through this cold and lonely night
Let My love be your blue sky

The rain is gone, the sun is here
The skies are blue, spring is here
Through the stormy wind and weather
Let My love be your blue sky

As written by Samuella Olaleye

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